Busted: These Alleged VCM Source Code Are Fake

One of the pro-Duterte Facebook pages, Proud Bisaya, posted an alleged VCM source codes on Thursday, April 28. The post with a caption saying, “its VERY BAD .. it’s the Pcos machine code ..”, has caused panic to some people who seemed to have no background in computer programming.


Some commenters urge Comelec to investigate the issue as they highlighted a discrepancy on how the codes were written. This is just a HOAX.

VCM Source Code HOAX

Community pages like Proud Bisaya should be the ones sharing helpful materials to help educate their fans. But they’re doing the other way around. Don’t get us wrong though, this page is among the first to spread lies to favor their presidential bet.

Click on the button below to reveal the truth about this alleged PCOS machine codes, and see how the said page tried deceiving its followers.


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