Busted: These Alleged VCM Source Code Are Fake

The photo shared shows only a pseudocode. In programming, a Pseudocode is an artificial and informal language that helps programmers develop algorithms. It is a “text-based” detail (algorithmic) design tool.

However, the photo doesn’t seem to be that realistic. Given the fact that the Facebook page that posted the photo is pro-Duterte, clearly they did it just to deceive people. But anybody who has a background in programming can replicate what they did, even by just using Dreamweaver or any sublime source code editor.


For non-programmers, allow us to spell it out for you how does a pseudocode works. Let’s just take one line in their manipulated source code as an example, which goes:


If we’re going to translate that into a real programming code, say C#, it should look like the following:

if (condition)
if ( i = 5 )
    Console.WriteLine("ROXAS, MAR");

The given example above is only used to demonstrate how does a pseudocode works. This, however, does not reflect how the actual VCM source codes were written — because for the record, the VCM source codes aren’t open-sourced or at least shown to the public.

And that belies claims by Facebook pages like Proud Bisaya as they don’t have access to the VCM source codes on the first place.

And if Proud Bisaya is true to its claims that they have copy of the source codes, isn’t it them who’s going to be charged with an Election Offense for showing the VCM source codes to the public?

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