How Trillanes fact-checked Matobato’s testimonies

15. Matobato’s testimony claimed that out of the four people the vigilante group kidnapped; and 16. They sometimes used a masking tape (packaging tape) so the victims won’t be recognized.

One of them was a female barangay captain. They were Matillano and Palparan’s people. Matobato added that they killed and threw the corpses at sea.

Trillanes showed a 2010 Philippine Star article about the death of two of Palparan party’s supporters – former barangay councilwoman Juliana Noquera and Rolando Miranda.

He also cited a GMA News Article in 2010 about the death of the said party-list members.

Trillanes Fact Checked Matobatos Testimonies

Trillanes also showed the photo of one of the victims, as posted by Jun Alcover.

Trillanes Fact Checked Matobatos Testimonies

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