How Trillanes fact-checked Matobato’s testimonies

13. Matobato said that they disposed salvaged victims’ corpses in the Laud Quarry owned by SPO4 Ben Laud.

Trillanes cited a Philippine Star report to prove that the quarry was indeed owned by retired cop, SPO4 Bienvenido Laud.

Trillanes Fact Checked Matobatos Testimonies

Trillanes showed an article from the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ), published by Rappler, that detailed how the “Supreme Court First Division upheld the grant of a search warrant to uncover bones of 6 victims who, on the testimony of a first-hand witness, the DDS had killed and buried at the Laud Quarry in Davao City in 2005.”

Trillanes Fact Checked Matobatos Testimonies


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