Fact: First SWS Survey on Duterte, “Excellent”

In Social Weather Station’s (SWS) first survey on Duterte’s presidency (which is only about a month old), Duterte got an “excellent” net public trust rate. In this June 2016 survey, SWS said that 84 percent of the people polled gave the president a “much trust” vote while 11 percent were undecided. Only 5 percent said they had “little trust” in Duterte.

Overall, Duterte got a net trust rating of +79 (by subtracting little trust from much trust) which, according to SWS standards, is “excellent.” A rating of +70 and above is excellent grade to SWS.

Here are other SWS ratings:

  • +50 to +69 is considered very good.
  • +30 to +49 grade is good.
  • +10 to +29 is moderate.
  • +9 to -9 is neutra
  • -10 to -29 is poor.
  • -30 to -49 is bad.
  • -50 to -69 is very bad.
  • -70 and below is execrable or terrible.

Duterte’s rating, however, had to tackle a difficult gradual climb from being “moderate” (+16) in December 2015 (the first SWS survey on him). Then it climbed a bit to +13 to +17 from January to February 2016. Again, it climbed to +26 and in April became “good” with a +30 grade.

By May, just prior to election time, Duterte had a “moderate” grade of +26. Suddenly, when proclaimed president, he earned a +79 rating, which SWS said was somewhat comparable to what former President Benigno Aquino III (his predecessor) got after the 2010 presidential elections, which was an “excellent” +83.


Per Region Ratings

The SWS survey produced different results per region. In the so-called “balanced Luzon” the survey resulted to an “excellent” Duterte trust rate of +75 in June from a “neutral” +9 in May. In Metro Manila, the trust rate climbed up from a “moderate” +21 to an “excellent” +78. In the Visayas, Duterte enjoyed an “excellent” +74 from a “moderate” +17 in May. In his own turf, Mindanao, his trust rating rose from a “very good” +60 to an “excellent” +90.


Per Social Class and Educational Group

In May, class ABC people gave Duterte a “good” +35 that rose to an “excellent” +82 in June. Class D meanwhile gave him a “moderate” +23 which later rose to an “excellent” +79. Class E began with a “good” +35 and climbed up to an “excellent” +79.

Non-elementary graduates gave Duterte an “excellent” trust rating of +76 that started from a “moderate” +18. Poll participants with some high school education initially gave him a “moderate” +16 that rose to an “excellent” +74. Those with some college education gave Duterte a “moderate” +28 at first. Later, they gave him an “excellent” +81. But college graduates initially gave him a “good” +44 and later increased it to an “excellent” +87.

Per Age

Among young adults (18 to 24 years old), Duterte was “good” with +42 in May. In June, they gave him an “excellent” +88. Among adults (25 to 34 year old), Duterte was initially “good” with +38 and then became “excellent” with +84.

Among mature adults (35 to 44 year old) Duterte was first “moderate” with +22 but later improved with “excellent” +78. Among middle aged (45 to 54 year old) the president was initially given a “moderate” +22 grade in May that later rose to an “excellent” +78 in June. Those at least 55 gave him a “moderate” +11 in May that climbed to an “excellent” +70 in June.

The SWS survey was done from June 24 to 27 2016 with personal face-to-face interviews with 1,200 respondents nationwide.


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