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Beware of Fake ‘Leni for Vice President Movement’ FB Page!

Aika Robredo has warned people of fake Leni Robredo pages, which she said, are being used as black propaganda tools against the vice presidential candidate. She also urges everyone to report such pages and posted the Facebook pages that are related to their election campaign and those whose administrators have reached out to their camp.


Someone from Robredo’s camp has also posted a warning against the “Leni for Vice President Movement” Facebook page.


“This is a fake page not sanctioned by the camp of Leni Robredo. They promise posters and tarps but intentionally don’t deliver. They misquote Cong. Robredo and have fake celebrity endorsements. It appears on my Sponsored posts list. Someone is really spending a lot of money for this misinformation and black propaganda. We are all for clean and honest elections.”

Before liking a page or believing in any social media post, make it a habit to verify the content of the posts first. You only need a few minutes to at least Google them. Let us all be responsible voters!

Be Informed. Beat the Trolls, Share the Truth!


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