Fact: The Real Couple Behind the Wedding Photo Used by Black Props Against VP Leni

A faker than fake story about Vice President-elect Leni Robredo’s alleged first marriage to a Cebuano activist has been circulating online, but we busted it with this article.

The black propaganda story against Robredo used a couple’s photo, while passing the bride off as the vice president-elect, something that only those with eyes clouded by strong hatred against Robredo would believe.

Today, the son of the couple in the wedding photo reached out to us via Facebook.


Jenielson Canlas informed MemeBuster that whoever started this fake story could have obtained the photo from his June 16 post on Facebook, when he greeted his parents, Daniel and Jennet Canlas, for their 25th wedding anniversary.


Canlas Gutierrez Nuptials

This is the type of post that many Facebook users make. Unfortunately, Facebook user Nikol Thursby used what would have otherwise been a happy photo between a long-time couple for something perverse as she tried to ruin Robredo’s reputation and promote her support for Senator Bongbong Marcos.

Just to clarify things, we asked Jenielson what his parents do for a living, especially when the man in the wedding photo was accused to be an activist during Marcos’ time.

But Jenielson said that his father is a supervisor in a crafts and arts company while his mother is an owner of a catering business.

This should help clear things out for those who still believe that Robredo was indeed the woman in the wedding photo, despite how different her younger self looked from Mrs. Canlas. And for Thursby, it’s not right to involve an innocent couple in her drive to spread hate against the vice president-elect.


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