Busted: Woman alleged to be Leni, married to a Cebuano activist is DEFINITELY NOT Leni 

A Facebook user called Nikol Thursby posted a wedding photo on June 23 with what she claimed as BREAKING NEWS! And it was indeed breaking… bending, twisting and abandoning the truth and reality just so she could ruin Vice President-elect Leni Robredo.

Leni Robredo Wedding

Based on her post, she claimed that the bride in the photo is Robredo, who married an “unknown poor guy from Cebu City,” alleged to be her teenage sweetheart and an activist during Marcos’ time. But her story ended badly, with the guy dying after an encounter with Marcos’ men.

The only thing the story got right was the year Robredo married her late husband, former Interior secretary Jesse Robredo.


But her biggest claim is bound to crumble into dust!

While Thursby can spin such a tear-jerking romantic story, it cannot be denied that the woman in the photo is definitely not Robredo. Well, if she was determined to make this story work, she could have easily contacted those people, who like her, are determined to ruin the vice president-elect using their photo editing skills.

If you look at Thursby’s profile, she obviously hates Robredo and even this malicious post came with a #bbm hashtag, so it’s apparent who she voted for as vice president last May 9.

But her hate for Robredo seems to run deep as she even posted a call to “assassinate” the vice president-elect.

Leni Robredo Nikol Thursby

The above photo is definitely NOT VP Leni. Click on the button to see Robredo’s real wedding photo.


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