Busted: Penis implant to detect cheating? No such thing has been invented so far

A news report from several online news sites claimed that a penis implant will notify you via phone when your man is cheating, touting it as a good solution to stopping, or at least, catching infidelity.

Penis Cheat Implant Chip

This is part of the news report.
“Scientists have decided to come forward to find a solution to curbing infidelity, thus prevent divorces, and also help people from getting cheated on. They have joined hand to develop a “genital implant” which will send you an alert on your cell phone if it detects your partner is cheating. It has been named “Commit-Tech.”

It is basically a small chip that will be implanted in the penis of the man along with the vulva of the woman who are in a relationship. Next, these two will be connected together with an application that you will install on your cell phones. If one of the chips detect sexual activity without the other chip, then it will send an alert to the other partner’s cell phone that he or she is cheating.”


The report seemed to have come from a TMZ World News report (not related to celebrity gossip site TMZ), which even dropped the names of Microsoft and Apple as the inventors of the genital implant.

However, a look at the Contact Us page of the site would reveal that it is “the most notorious satire website in the world.”

TMZWorldNews Satire Website

Even the photo claimed to have been that of the Commit-Tech implant is just at Shutterstock image of a small light sensor.

Light Sensor
Image Credit: Shutterstock

There is indeed a penis implant, but it was invented for an entirely different purpose and it comes in three sizes of L, XL, and XXL.

So, those who are worried about their partners or spouses cheating on them have to go back to old-school sleuthing instead of investing on any penile implant to catch your man.


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