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Netizens react to event tarp calling Bongbong Marcos as VP ‘to be’

Former Senator Bongbong Marcos have been talked about by the mainstream media and the netizens online not only because of his ongoing electoral protest against Vice President Leni Robredo, but also due to the erroneous tarp used during an even that he attended. The tarp identified him as the “Vice President of the Philippines (To Be)”

ABS-CBN deputy editor Jojo Pasion Malig was among those who reacted to Marcos’ description. He even pointed out another obvious mistake in the tarp – the spelling of yacht.

“Wrong spelling iyung yacht. Aside from a factual error,” Malig tweeted on November 25.

Recalling how another erroneous trap seen during a pro-Duterte rally, Malig tweeted, “Shaime, shaime.”


He pointed out how the photos from the same event where still up on Marcos’ Facebook page.

BongBong-Marcos BongBong-Marcos

The alternative Twitter account of Communications Asec. Mocha Uson also shared several photos showing the various spelling blunders on tarps and signages in the country.

In reaction to Marcos being identified as VP to be even before the Supreme Court as the sitting Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET) has ruled on the former senator’s electoral protest against Robredo, one Twitter user wondered how Duterte’s supporters would react if he would make a tarp calling Robredo the President to be.

“Gusto ko rin gumawa ng tarp for Leni Robredo, “President of the Republic of the Philippines (to be)”. Tingnan natin kung di sumabog mga bungo ng mga ka-DDS,” he tweeted.


“Too assuming also, counting before it hatches?” another one said.


Did the same person make the erroneous ASEAN posters and this tarp, someone wondered.


Marcos filed an electoral protest against Robredo after the latter won over the former with 263,000 votes.

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