Busted: Multi-million dollars’ worth of jewelry found in De Lima’s boyfriend’s house? Fake news!

Senator Leila De Lima has become quite the controversial figure in the current Philippine political environment, especially now that she has been incarcerated over drug charges filed against her. Many articles have surfaced online claiming that some of her family members and friends were involved in various criminal acts. This time, an article have gained hundreds of shares after it claimed that cops have recovered jewelry amounting to millions of dollars at her secret lover’s house.
The article was shared by the Facebook page called “Philippine Government Under Scrutiny.”

De Limas Multi-million dollars jewelry

It was published by and, which we both found out to be fake news sites.

The story even named PNP chief Director General “Roland” Dela Rosa allegedly released a statement about how the house of De Lima’s house was “raided” after the police received a tip from a “vigilante” in Metro Manila at 2am. The jewelry pieces were said to be hidden in a fireproof safe at a house on “#6 Pioneer Street C.” Along with the jewelry were 50 documents for 50 land properties under De Lima’s name and 20 other documents showing “dubious transactions.”
The raid was also said to have come after the police received “intelligence report” that foreign currencies in large amounts were hidden in the house.

The safe was said to have contained 200 wristwatches, 120 gold watches, 74 pieces of gold (300 grams each), 55 pieces of fashion jewelry, and 50 Certificates of Occupancy.

De Lima’s lover was said to have been arrested and is still under police custody for the ongoing investigation, while the security guard of the house was “released on administrative bail,” the article claimed.

However, this story is fake! It’s a hoax made up to take advantage of the readers’ anger towards De Lima. Doing so would make it easier for the fake news blogs to gain traffic, all while inciting further hate against the incarcerated senator.

The other articles on involving the Philippines are mostly fake news, with one even claiming that President Duterte’s daughter and Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte has died.

De Limas Multi-million dollars jewelry
De Limas Multi-million dollars jewelry

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