Mayor Sara explains Davao’s exemption from jeepney modernization, but netizen comments: Pwera lang sa Davao

Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio revealed that she already discussed with the Land Transportation and Franchise Regulatory Board (LTFRB) her city’s exemption from the planned jeepney modernization plan to be implemented by 2018.

Mayor Duterte said that Davao City will instead be focusing on implementing the first mass transport system in the country through a high priority bus system (HPBS) as Metro Manila and other provinces push through with modernizing jeepneys.
She added that the LTFRB said that this plan does not go against the national modernization plan for public transportation.

“Sa Davao City, ginaingon nako nga unya na ta mag jeepney modernization after maimplement ang HPBS so that ang mabilin na jeep ang mag organize (I told the LTFB to implement the jeepney modernization after we implement the HPBS so those operators who do not participate in the program can organize it themselves),” she said.

Under the HPBS, existing jeepney operators may sell their old vehicles as scrap for around P80,000, depending on the current price of scrap metal. It also makes operators stakeholders in the bus system. The HPBS also promises to provide drivers steady salaries and improved safety since they no longer have to complete with jeepneys to get passengers.

The HPBS was proposed by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) based on a research conducted five to six years ago.

Mayor Duterte noted the unfairness of asking Davao jeepney operators to modernize their vehicles only to ask them to scrap it later once the bus system is implemented.
“It’s very unfair sa jeepney drivers nga irequire sila nga mag (to require them to) comply sa jeep modernization and then six months later to tell them ‘ibaligya na ninyo sa amoa for scrappage (sell your jeepneys to us for scraps),’” she said.

To showcase how the HPBS will improve traffic, Mayor Duterte deployed the air-conditioned buses to provide free rides to the riding public affected during the nationwide transport strike on October 16 and 17.

A netizen recalled President Rodrigo Duterte’s threats to the jeepney drivers and operators who opposed the jeepney modernization program and noted how Davao was excused from it. He suggested a few adjustments to Duterte’s speeches.

“I’m giving you… until the end of the year, sumunod kayo kasi January 1, kapag may nakita ako na hindi na-rehistro, luma, guguyurin ko yan sa harap niyo… pwera lang sa Davao.

Aarestuhin ko talaga kayo, believe me… You give me now the reason to enforce the law… pwera lang sa Davao.

Mahirap kayo? Put@ng ina, umalis kayo. Magtiis kayo sa hirap at gutom, wala akong pakialam… pwera lang sa Davao.”

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