Busted: Duterte said Davao City had unprecedented economic growth, but Vera Files says it isn’t true

President Rodrigo Duterte said that by maintaining peace and order in Davao City, it led to an unprecedented 9% growth in the city, something that is “unheard of in this country.”

During his speech in front of government appointees and the Philippine Councilors League officers on March 30, Duterte said:
“At ‘yung namang mga bagay-bagay na, which I believe kaya ko kagaya ng law and order, maybe it’s because I have been the mayor of Davao City for so long, 23 years that’s why I got to learn about the things, about the wherewithals of a peaceful community. At sa bagay na ‘yan, I can only point to Davao City as my… the only thing na ikapag-yabang ko sa inyo. Hindi naman masyadong maganda na talagang terribly, terribly peaceful but hindi naman talaga magulo and it has allowed us to grow to an unprecedented growth rate of 9, which is unheard of in this country. Talagang pumuputok ang Davao at nandoon lahat papunta ang pera .”

You can watch Duterte in this video, from o1:23 to 02:34

However, media company Vera Files’ fact checking turned up proof that what Duterte said isn’t exactly true.

For one, the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) does not provide data for the gross regional domestic product (GDRP) for cities, so Duterte may have been referring to Davao Region, not Davao City.
GDRP serves as the indicator of the economic growth rate, which refers to the increase in the potential output of the economy and by how much.

Vera Files said that Duterte may be referring to Davao Region’s 2014 performance of 9.3%.

The media company also pointed out how from 2010 to 2015 alone, other regions in the country have enjoyed a higher growth rate than Davao Region’s 9.3%. In 2010, Central Visayas experienced economic growth pegged at 12.9% while in 2012, Zamboanga enjoyed the same level of growth.

Even in 2014, when the Davao Region showed a 9.3% growth rate, it was still outperformed by the Caraga Region with its 9.4% growth rate.

President Duterte was mistaken in proclaiming Davao City, or Davao Region, as having unprecedented growth in the country when other regions were actually able to enjoy faster economic growth rate in the last 5 to 7 years.

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