Busted: Inquirer wrote fake news about anti-Duterte rally? Photo is obviously edited with grammatical errors

Facebook page Dugong Maharlika claimed that the Philippine Daily Inquirer is spreading fake news about the anti-Duterte rally on April 8.
“Muli na namang umariba ang mainstream media sa pagpapakalat ngFake News!! Daang-daan libo raw ang umatend sa rally ng “Palit-Presidente” ng mga bobong Yellow Worshippers!! ABA?? San galing?? Another unverified reality na naman ito mga kababayan.. Basahin at ipakalat niyo ito..,” Dugong Maharlika wrote in its Facebook post.

Inquirer wrote fake news

According to Dugong Maharlika, the “Yellow Fanatics” held their own rally which they described to be “massive” with “hundred thousands” of attendees when in reality, there were only a few people. The blog also accused the Yellows, referring to the supporters of the Liberal Party, “to change the picture of reality” with the support of mainstream media.

Dugong Maharlika then posted some photos of the anti-Duterte rally and a photo of what the blog claimed to be an article from the Inquirer that is “full of lies.”

But what’s weird is that the “article” they said to have come from the Inquirer does not look anything that would come from the newspaper. The format is just off and the “headline,” spelled as “HeadLine,” was riddled with grammatical errors.

The headline said, “Hundred Thousand of Pilipinos gathered in Liwasang Bonifacio calling for the President Impeachment.”

The first paragraph said, “An overwhelming number of people gathered in Liwasang Bonifacio calling for the impeachment of Duterte. The Duterte administration is guilty of crime against humanity. Hundred thousand or close to a Million of Pilipino slammed President Rodrigo Duterte’s “worsening human rights record” on Saturday, April 8.”

It is true that some people did hold an anti-Duterte rally on April 8, but we’re not quite sold on Dugong Maharlika’s claim about Inquirer’s fake news about the said event.

The photo of what Dugong Maharlika wanted to pass off as an Inquirer headline is obviously edited. The headline and the first paragraph were likely made up, seeing as how we could not find an Inquirer article with a similar content and grammatical errors.

The Inquirer once came under fire, along with other newspapers, for its dramatic headline “Death came before dawn,” about Mary Jane Veloso’s execution, when she was granted a last-minute reprieve.

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