Busted: Did De Lima threaten Duterte if she ever becomes the next president? This is fake news!

Several blogs carried a story about how Senator Leila De Lima allegedly warned President Rodrigo Duterte to pray that she does not become the next president because she will make him pay for his crimes.
The story was published by blogs such as,,, among others.

Just look at how article has been shared over 24,400 times already since it was first posted two months ago.
De Lima threaten Duterte
The story was also shared by Duterte fan pages “Duterte is my president,” “Duterte News Global,” and “President Duterte Solid Supporters,” among others.
De Lima threaten Duterte
De Lima threaten Duterte

De Lima threaten Duterte

According to the story, which was actually sourced from, De Lima called Duterte’s leadership style as corrupt and barbaric and labeled him as a “killer” with no respect for the law.

De Lima threaten Duterte

De Lima was quoted saying, “If you have no respect for human rights, you also have no respect for the law. So how can he lead our country if that is his belief?”
We found the above statement to be true, something she said in December 2015, when she swore to fight Duterte’s bid to become president.

Another statement was attributed to De Lima as her alleged warning to Duterte: “I would like to tell Rodrigo Duterte that, every one is watching. Just pray I don’t become the next president for you will pay dearly for every single crime you committed against everyone.”

However, this statement turned out to be something that made up. It’s fake! We could not find any other credible source that carried that statement.

Moreover, has a history of writing fake news, such as the stories about De Lima claiming to be asthmatic, her son wanting to get arrested too, Loida Nicolas-Lewis asking the Justice Department for more time while she looks for a lawyer for De Lima, and more.
De Lima threaten Duterte

Sources: (

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