Busted: De Lima DID NOT threaten to make PH ungovernable for Duterte

An article popped up online about how Senator Leila De Lima threatened to make Philippines “ungovernable” for President Rodrigo Duterte.


It was even shared by a certain Shanine Lykha Dizon to Duterte fan page “President Rody Duterte-Federal Movement International.”


Comments from netizens showed just how annoyed they are at De Lima, with one even mentioning the fake news about her alleged asthma, which is also another fake news that we busted.


The article was published by what might first appear to be ABS-CBN. However, clicking on the link would lead you to a website with a URL, which is an obvious attempt to make its site look like it is related to ABS-CBN (


According to the article, De Lima said that she would be on “Duterte’s neck all day, all year-long” until he resigns as President.


She was then quoted saying, “I’ll make the Philippines ungovernable for Duterte” in front of students who visited her house in Manila on Sunday.

However, we could not find supporting reports about De Lima actually making this statement against Duterte.

A quick check on the other articles that wrote about the Philippines also showed us just how many fake news stories it has made up about our country. These include Duterte allegedly saying the Philippines will become a US territory, Trump giving three times more aid to the Philippines, Miss Colombia 2015 responding to Duterte’s criticism of a former Colombian president, Jinkee Pacquiao killed after a robbery, Bill Gates working in Davao City, Melania Trump responding to Duterte, and Duterte warning off Senator Francis Pangilinan.



These showed just how prolific the website is in making up stories, just like how it easily came up with the fiction about De Lima warning Duterte that she will make the country ungovernable for him.

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