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Busted: BBC staff laughed at Trillanes’ ‘childish letter’? Fake news alert!

The BBC staff reportedly laughed at the “childish letter” sent by Senator Antonio Trillanes IV to their network about the fake news that accused the Philippine lawmaker of planning to sue the BBC. At least this is what (Pinoy Pride) is claiming in an article that started circulating on Facebook on June 28.
The article has since been shared to mostly Duterte fan pages on Facebook, including Rody R. Duterte Movement Universal, Cruelty of Noynoy “Abnoy” Aquino and His Government, President Duterte Supporters, and Pilipinas Duterte2016.

On June 23, Trillanes wrote to the BBC to debunk the fake news about him allegedly thinking of suing the BBC. This time, Pinoy Pride wrote an article with a title that made it seem like they really know that the BBC staff are laughing at Trillanes’ letter as it read: “BBC staff laughs at Trillanes after receiving his “childish letter.””

But when we read the article, which also contained a copy of the letter in question, it changed its tune. It took into account how Trillanes mistook satirical articles from The Adobo Chronicles as fake news and how the thought that whoever will read Trillanes’ letter “will do nothing but laugh over his ignorance and stupidity.

“The whole BBC staff could have been laughing at Trillanes after receiving his ridiculous promise, like what many Filipinos are doing right now after reading his letter,” Pinoy Pride wrote.

The last paragraph in the article showed that it was merely their opinion that the BBC staff would laugh at Trillanes after receiving his letter. Unlike what its title seemed to convey, the blogspot was not actually able to confirm that the BBC staff indeed laughed at the letter. It’s title is misleading.

As their note at the end of each article on their website indicated, they wanted their confused readers to refer to their About Us page, so we did. And we are reminded that Pinoy Pride has told its readers that its articles are “not for gullible people.”

Moreover, Meme Buster has busted several articles from this website, including the fake stories about Trillanes being abandoned by the crowd in Zambales, US and other countries banning the anti-Marcos martial law book, boxer and Senator Manny Pacquiao donating 100% of his earnings from his Jeff Horn match to Marawi City, and Mommy Dionisia Pacquiao selling her expensive jewelry and bags to help Marawi victims.

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