Busted: US and 17 other countries banned anti-Marcos book? Story was published by fake news site

Raissa Robles’ Marcos Martial Law: Never Again book has allegedly been banned from the United States and 17 other countries for having “several serious issues with the book,” as reported by a blog.
According to (Pinoy Pride), the book was banned from being published and distributed in America and other countries, such as Australia, United Kingdom, and Canada, among others, following the decision by the Hawaii Association of Book Publishers and Authors (HABPA). The association reportedly found the book to be “extremely one sided and promotes unfairness” and submitted their petition to the “high court” last February 27. HABPA also found the book to have contained “serious and unproven accusations” against the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos.
The countries that were said to have banned the book include the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, Norway, Japan, China, Russia, South Korea, Germany, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and Israel.

The blogspot even quoted Israel’s Ministry of Public Affairs: “The book lacks substance and research. It should not be allowed in any school with students who are not familiar with the Philippine justice system. This could only influence people to hate the government.”

The story added that Hawaii’s Supreme Court made its decision public on June 13 in banning the book.

But what’s funny is that the article was published by on June 11, yet they wrote that Hawaii’s Supreme Court decision about the book ban was only revealed on June 13.

“Hawaii’s Supreme Court released its decision on June 13, banning the book inside Hawaii. The decision was carried over by the remaining US states and 17 other countries,” the blogspot claimed.

We tried to look up “Hawaii Association of Book Publishers and Authors” and found nothing about the association, except when it was mentioned in the blogspot article and shared by the Facebook page “Hidden Truth PH.”

Just like the other story from Pinoy Pride that we busted, “Busted: Trillanes abandoned by crowd in Zambales? Article came from a fake news site,” there are no other reports from credible sources that could verify their story. The association that was said to have petitioned for the book ban even seems nonexistent.

And as what Pinoy Pride’s About page has mentioned, their website is “not for gullible people.”

Unfortunately, the story has been spread on social media, after having been shared for over 6,500 times, as of writing.

It was shared by several netizens to various Facebook pages.

Noticed how much of a big fan this Ailene Castro is for sharing the story to several Facebook pages? Her own post even gained over 1,000 shares, as of writing.

But the story about the anti-Marcos book ban cannot be confirmed by other credible reports, the blogspot seemed to have made up the association that have allegedly petitioned for the ban, and the website itself has published some fake stories before.

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Busted: Trillanes abandoned by crowd in Zambales? Article came from a fake news site

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