Trillanes writes to BBC to debunk fake news, says he has no plans of suing them

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV wrote a letter to the British Broadcasting Corp. (BBC) clarifying that he has no plans of suing the company after his controversial interview with anchor Stephen Sackur.

The letter, dated June 23, was addressed to BBC Director-General Tony Hall.
“Let me just say that it was an honour to be invited as a resource person on BBC World’s HARDtalk Program. So, please be assured that I have no plans of suing your company. On the contrary, I am very satisfied with how the interview was conducted by Mr. Stephen Sackur, as I was given a chance to give my insights about the real situation in our country,” Trillanes wrote.

The senator also explained that he has been targeted by “a massive and well-funded black propaganda campaign by the social media troll organization of the Duterte administration.”

“This propaganda machine is also being used to swarm various media organizations and personalities to create an impression that there is an overwhelming support for President Duterte’s deadly war on drugs,” Trillanes said.

“I hope that you will continue covering the current issues in the Philippines and won’t get deceived by these tactics of the Duterte social media trolls,” he added.
Fake news about Trillanes’ plans to sue BBC came after his interview in BBC’s “HARDtalk” with Sackur, who confronted him about the possibility that he is “out of tune” with public sentiments. The fake article was originally published by the satirical site The Adobo Chronicles, but it was later plagiarized by Our Daily Revelations PH without properly crediting it to the source, making it seem like real news when it was intended to be satirical. The Adobo Chronicles later posted that the other site has apologized and corrected their article with proper credit.

There were other fake news related to Trillanes’ BBC interview that we debunked, such as Trillanes planning on staging a 2-day coup to prove BBC wrong and Sackur saying Filipinos should elect more intelligent senators next time.

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