Blogger takes issue with Contreras saying only the weak gets bullied; Contreras defends his remark on ‘bullying’

Pinoy Ako Blog (PAB) slammed Professor Antonio Contreras for his recent remark about bullying.

On July 3, De La Salle Prof. Contreras posted: “You can only bully the weak. So if Leni can be bullied, then she is weak.”

But even before PAB voiced out how this statement bothered him, we found some netizens commenting on Contreras’ post for clarification.
One asked if the professor’s remark is “victim blaming.”

“Isn’t this victim blaming? The main cause of bullying is a bully and it has nothing to do with how “strong” or “weak” the victim is,” the netizen wrote.

To this, Contreras replied: “She is not a victim of bullying. By definition, bullying happens only between a stronger party and a weaker party. She is the VP. How can an ordinary citizen bully her? In the same manner that a teacher could not be bullied by students. That is the point of my post.”

Another one asked if Contreras is condoning bullying, to which Contreras said a plain, “No.”

PAB wrote a piece on how “bothered” he was by Contreras’ bullying remark in his article, “Contreras Strikes Again.”

“Nakita ko po itong post niyo about bullying. Medyo nabother lang po ako sa definition niyo ng bullying,” the blogger wrote.

“You only bully the weak?  Luh, wala namang pinipili po ang bully. Strong or weak pag napagtripan ka ng bully biktima ka. Like what Lorraine Badoy did to Jillian before, yun ha bata vs. Matanda. Yung pambubully niyong lahat na political marketer kay VP Leni, wala kayong pinipili kahit nga po patay di ba, binubully niyo?  Remember, Secretary Jesse?  So ang mga bully na katulad niyo walang pinipili,” he added.

On July 5, Contreras clarified that nowhere in his earlier remark did he say that he condones bullying.

Contreras wrote another post about how it is his “turn to be attacked by the yellows” and reiterated that he is not condoning bullying. He said that he did not make a derogatory statement and that he only made a “factual” definition of bullying.
“There is nothing derogatory in my statement. And it is in fact how bullying is defined, that it only exists in the context of a power differential where the victim is perceived to be or is in fact weaker compared to the bully. You could not possibly bully the stronger. A teacher could not be bullied by a student. A boss could not be bullied by an employee. A siga could not be bullied by a soft-spoken individual,” Contreras wrote.

Contreras once again explained what his definition of bullying is anchored on.

He also responded to journalist Raissa Robles’ post about his bullying remark, slamming her for not having the skill “to read between the lines.”

“Akala siguro nung sinabi ko na “You only bully the weak” ay parang inuutusan ko na ang mga tao na mambully ng mga weak na tao. O ang akala ay may mali sa sinabi ko. Bakit Raissa, can you bully the strong?” he wrote.

Robles re-tweeted PAB’s blog on July 5 and even tagged DLSU Manila while she described Contreras as advocating bullying for the weak.

One Twitter user who replied to Robles’ post asked DLSU Manila if Contreras is indeed suitable for the university, given their Mission, Vision, and Core Values.

Robles did not stop with that first tweet. She once again tweeted on July 6, tagging DLSU Manila.

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