Busted: Anti-Marcos Teddy Casiño denies being barred from entering PH Lung Center built by Marcos

A certain Dan Borbe Logan posted a news article about how former Bayan Muna Rep. Teddy Casiño was barred by security guards from entering the Lung Center of the Philippines.

Casiño, with four members of Bayan Muna, was reportedly stopped by two security guards at the entrance of the hospital on September 9. One of the guards, named Romulo Valiente, was quoted saying, “Nakakarindi na po kasi ang bunganga nila. Wala namang silang karapatang pumasok dito dahil puro sila kontra kay Marcos tapos makikinabang din pala.”

Valiente also reportedly said that he was not scared to lose his job. “Ginagawa ko lang po ang trabaho ko para ilayo ang publiko sa mga masasamang tao. Lalo na rito puro pasyente, baka dito pa sila magrally.”

And yet another quote from Valiente said, “Dapat hindi sila pinapayagan na makinabang sa lahat ng mga ginawa ni Marcos.”Anti-Marcos Teddy Casiño

As of writing, Logan’s post has been shared 3,625 times.

Many of the comments were lauding the guards from stopping Casiño and his group.Anti-Marcos Teddy Casiño

Some of the commenters even agreed with the guards, saying that those who are against the late strongman Ferdinand Marcos should not be allowed to use the facilities built during Marcos’ time as the president and dictator of the Philippines.Anti-Marcos Teddy Casiño

Logan actually shared an article from

However, Casiño denied that he was blocked from getting into the Lung Center of the Philippines because he was in the Visayas for the entire week, making it impossible for him to “teleport” into the hospital in Quezon City. He also advised netizens to simply ignore the news.


Those who commented on Casiño’s post said that even if the Lung Center of the Philippines and other facilities were built by Marcos, the money used to pay for these facilities came from people’s taxes.

In support of Casiño’s denial, one of the Lung Center’s doctors, pulmonary healthcare expert Tony Ramos, posted about the results of their initial investigation into’s report.

Ramos said that “no such event was reported by any of the Lung Center of the Philippines’ security and administrative personnel.” He added that “there is no security or administrative personnel with the names as indicated in the post.”

Ramos also encouraged everyone to post and share only verified data.

Does this mean that merely invented the story and even the names of the guards who reportedly blocked Casiño? Wow! What a story it was!

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