#WinADateWithSandro trended for a few hours, hijacked with Martial Law tweets

A dozen fans of Sandro Marcos, Senator Bongbong Marcos’s son, would have been so fortunate, or not, depending on one’s point of view, to be given the opportunity to meet and date him. If only the PR campaign on twitter with #WinADateWithSandro wasn’t hijacked by tweets with Martial Law tweets.

For a few hours on Thursday, July 14, the said hashtag trended on Twitter, a few spots under the popular ABS-CBN series Dolce Amore.


The first few tweets were made by eager girls who truly want to date Sandro, posting their selfies in the hopes of being one of the 12 lucky girls to meet him.

During the campaign, Sandro won the hearts of several girls, despite the few blunders that he made, and promptly deleted, on Twitter.


Although the original tweet about the campaign seemed to have been deleted, we found the mechanics of the Twitter gimmick after going through several tweets. It turned out to be organized by a PR company called Publicity Asia and is available to Metro Manila residents only.

The mechanics required participants to upload their “best selfies” with #WinADateWithSandro. The winners will get to have lunch with Sandro on July 21, with more details to be sent via direct message.

Date with Sandro

A Twitter account for Sandro’s fans even lamented on why only those who lived in Metro Manila were considered, excluding them who are from Pampanga.


However, the girls’ selfies were then replaced with tweets about the Martial Law and sentiments against the Marcoses.

Instead of a selfie, one Twitter user tweeted the photo of Liliosa Hilao, one of the victims of Martial Law.

Liliosa Hilao #WinADateWithSandro


What Marcos's brought to Hawaii

One discussed where the perfect dating spots would be, enumerating the places where Martial Law victims were taken to and where they took the Philippines back from the Marcoses.


Some tweets were about their plans on what their date with Sandro would be like, complete with Martial Law references.



There were also tweets that touched on who should be paying for the date.


WinADateWithSandro NeverAgain

A certain Thysz tweeted how the Twitter campaign failed “spectacularly.”


The organizer, Publicity Asia, responded, saying that Sandro agreed to participate in the promo.

Sandro Marcos Agreed

Sandro also tweeted about the PR campaign, denying that he was not consulted about it, that he would never have consented to it, and that he doesn’t see the point of agreeing to it when he is not a celebrity. Don’t bother searching for these tweets. He already deleted them.

Sandro Marcos Tweets

But a Twitter user was quick to confront him after his denials. If he wasn’t made aware of the dating event, why did he retweet it?

Sandro Marcos Retweeted

However, just like his other tweets, he probably deleted that RT too.

Some Twitter users called Sandro out for denying his involvement with the event.


Sandro Marcos Dictators GrandsonWinADateWithSandro

#WinADateWithSandro has stopped trending on the top 10spot on Twitter, as of writing. And look, one Twitter user already regretted missing it!

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