US may take back $6.7M law enforcement aid to PH if…

The United States may not give the Philippines the $6.7 million in law enforcement aid to the Philippines if the two countries could not agree on how the funds will be used.

“The $6.7 million in funds can be used only after agreement between the United States and the Philippines on their specific use. If no agreement is reached, the funds may be used in a country other than the Philippines,” US Embassy Press Attache and First Secretary Molly Koscina said in an interview with CNN Philippines.

This is part of the $32 million Washington has pledged to Manila, although the US has clarified that the funds should not be used for police operations against suspected drug personalities.

Koscina clarified that the money should only be used in ways that “comply with US legal obligations and international law enforcement and policing standards,” adding that it is intended for “programs supporting rule of law, due process, and maritime security.”

The US government has expressed concern over the rising death toll and detentions in the Philippines under the new administration of President Rodrigo Duterte as he launched a war against crime and drugs.

In early August, US State Department of State’s press director Elizabeth Trudeau said: “We are concerned by these detentions, as well as the extrajudicial killings of individuals suspected to be involved in drug activity in the Philippines. We strongly urge the Philippines to ensure its law enforcement efforts comply with its human rights obligations.”

This statement came two weeks after the US Secretary of State John Kerry visited Manila in July. It is also during the same visit that Kerry announced the $32 million pledge for the Philippines.

Koscina said the US government has budgeted the amount between 2011 and 2016.

Koscina also emphasized the years of US-PH partnership over various issues, adding that the US hopes to continue this relationship over law enforcement, as long as it follows US laws, Philippine laws, and international standards.

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