Stop harassing de Lima based on her sexuality! File a case instead – Renee Karunungan

If anyone knows about bullying, environmental advocate Renee Karunungan surely knows how it felt like to be at the receiving end of the bullies’ attacks. After campaigning against then presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte, she was hit by cyberbullies, some of whom wished that she be raped or her family be massacred. But she fought back, filing a police report about those who threatened her.

As she wrote in her Rappler article, Karunungan said that she is an opinionated woman who expresses her thoughts through writing. She has been in the development sector so things like human rights, freedom of expression, climate justice, and gender rights are important to her.

And she just spoke out about one thing recently – House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez seeing nothing wrong about showing Senator Leila de Lima’s alleged sex video during the House inquiry.


In her Facebook post on September 28, Karunungan said that people should not care about a woman’s sex life or sex videos and the Congress should focus instead of investigating her links to drugs. They can even file a case and send her to jail if she is indeed guilty.

“But holy mother can everyone stop harassing the woman based on her sexuality?!” Karunungan said.

“First you give away her phone number in public then you want to show her alleged sex tape for everyone to see?!” she added.

Based on some of the representatives’ willingness to show the sex tape during the House inquiry into the drug trade in the New Bilibid Prison, Karunungan said that this could be due to the lack of evidence against de Lima.

“The congress is full of dirty old men who cannot seem to find enough evidence to file a case against the senator and so decides to just show a sex tape for everyone to see,” she said.

And she ended her post with a message to the lawmakers.

“Go back to your mother’s vaginas!”

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