Busted: Trudeau gives ‘fullest support’ to Duterte? We’ve busted this fake story already!

Articles about Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau expressing his “fullest support” to Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte have once again surfaced on Facebook. They are being shared by Duterte fan pages, such as Duterte Loyalist, Rodrigo Duterte Lines, and President Rody Duterte-Federal Movement International. The said articles, which all share the same exact content, were published by blogs like Daily Duterte News, Duterte Daily News, and NetizensPH.

Trudeau Gives Fullest Support Duterte

Trudeau Gives Fullest Support Duterte

Trudeau Gives Fullest Support Duterte

The articles shared bear this title: “Canada Prime Minister To Duterte and Filipinos ‘We are giving you the fullest support, Count on us anytime and we would be at your door step.’

But the content of the article is exactly the same as the fake article first posted by DW-Tv3, now renamed as News24-TV, with the title “Canada Prime Minister Sends A Lovely Message To Duterte and Filipinos.”

Trudeau Gives Fullest Support Duterte

We busted this article. Read: Busted: Canadian PM Trudeau did not send lovely message to Duterte praising his drug war.

The new title found in the recent articles shared by the Duterte fan pages was obtained from the fake quote within the fake article.

Trudeau certainly did not praise Duterte’s war on drugs that involved the killings of thousands of drug suspects, both in the hands of the police during legitimate operations and in the hands of vigilantes.

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