Busted: Trillanes DID NOT offer himself as Duterte’s defense adviser, but offered support and national healing

Articles have popped up online about Senator Antonio Trillanes offering himself as a defense adviser to President-elect Rodrigo Duterte.Trillanes Defense Adviser

These articles started circulating online after Trillanes released a statement on May 10 saying that he won’t be a hindrance to Duterte’s impending presidency. He added that he will respect the Filipino’s will as Duterte’s huge lead over the other presidential candidates was established early on.

On top of that, the articles included details about Trillanes offering himself as Duterte’s defense adviser.

“An OJT (on the job training) journalist of a major network allegedly overheard Trillanes telling his aid that if Duterte need his help, he can be a defense adviser.”

This reportedly angered netizens, who called Trillanes a “traitor and balimbing with a dirty military record.”

Before the May 9 elections, Trillanes accused Duterte of having ill-gotten wealth coursed through secret bank accounts at the BPI Julia Vargas branch. The senator even faced off with Duterte’s lawyer, Salvador Panelo, at the said branch to open Duterte’s account.

There is also a YouTube video with a title “Trillanes Wants To Be A Defense Adviser of Duterte.”


But when you watch the video, it was actually about Trillanes offering his support to Duterte’s administration and his desire for national healing after the 2016 elections. The senator also said that his attacks against Duterte were a part of his job and that he won’t be a hindrance to Duterte’s desired changes in his upcoming administration, as long as they are not violating any law.

Trillanes also said that he won’t resign as a senator because there was no proof that his accusations against Duterte were wrong.

He added, “Ang sa akin dito, kung magandang program ‘yan, suportahan natin ‘yan. Kung pagmamalabis ‘yan, babantayan ko ‘yan.”

Unlike what the trainee allegedly heard and what the misleading YouTube video claimed, Trillanes has expressed his willingness to support Duterte’s administration and to continue being a legislator, but he did not mention anything about wanting to become Duterte’s defense adviser.


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