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Busted: Trillanes’ Controversial ‘P500M’ Check Is Fake!

A Facebook post from a certain ‘Anthony Tamarkis’ has daringly accused Senator Antonio Trillanes IV of being paid 500 million pesos in check.

The Facebook user even uploaded a photo of the said check, which is noted to have come from San Miguel Corporation. The BDO check was named to ‘Antonio Trillanes IV’ and was issued on March 30, 2016.


Tamarkis’ post came after Trillanes, a vice presidential candidate, claimed that presidential candidate Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has P211 million in a joint account with daughter Sara in a BPI Julia Vargas branch.

As Trillanes accused Duterte of not being the “simple and poor man” that he bragged to be, he asked the presidential candidate to explain these secret bank accounts. He said that he obtained the information from his “various networks.”

But now, the same accusation has been thrown at Trillanes after Tamarkis made this Facebook post, with the title “WHO IS CORRUPT NOW?” He even claimed to have validated the signatures on the check as they matched with the signatures of San Miguel Corporation officers.


But upon a closer look at the check, there are some irregularities that would prove this check is a fake. It was seemingly posted to discredit Trillanes.

First Point

Observe these enlarged images carefully. Look at the areas around the key data (e.g. names, dates, check numbers) on the check. Notice how they are pixilated, pointing to the fact that they are edited.



Second Point

The controversial check bearing Trillanes’ name is obviously an edited version for these following details. Yes, seeing as how easily these kinds of edited and fake documents are being shared online, it seems like those who don’t want to be duped have to take out the detective in them. You can zoom in all you want and play investigator. Hopefully, we will be this watchful every time we come across any piece of information or document online.


Third Point

Trillanes’ official Facebook page, “Antonio “Sonny Trillanes IV,” posted a document from BDO, where the P500 million check was claimed to have been issued. It certifies that the account number seen on the check circulating on social media does not exist in BDO’s system. The same document also certifies that San Miguel Corporation does not have a checking account in the bank’s Tandang Sora branch. The certification was issued on April 28, 2016 and signed by the First VP of BDO’s Branch Banking Group, Peter S. Lo, Jr.


This probably trumps all other arguments out there, seeing as how the bank involved has already responded to Trillanes’ request to certify the check that was supposedly issued to him.

While Trillanes’ accusations against Duterte still hold, Duterte himself have responded by saying that the burden of proof falls on Trillanes, the accuser. The mayor added that he won’t sign a waiver to make Trillanes work for the process of proving that Duterte indeed has more than P200 million in an undeclared bank account.

This is a different tune from when Duterte and his running mate, Allan Peter Cayetano, signed and showed a manifesto to the media, allowing the public to examine their bank accounts. Written on a piece of cardboard, the manifesto says that the presidential and vice-presidential candidates who sign it vow to “open all our bank accounts in local and foreign currencies both here and abroad in the interest of transparency and accountability.

The Duterte-Cayetano tandem signed the manifesto when they held a dialogue with the Yolanda victims in Tacloban City on March 14.

Watch the video created by to prove that the cheque is Fake!


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