Busted: Supreme Court DID NOT order to stop VP Leni’s inauguration  

An online blog entitled, “BREAKING! Supreme Court Ordered to Stop Leni Inauguration,” has been shared by a pro-Duterte Facebook page. It even came with a caption.

“Sana respetuhin din ni Leni ang order ng SC.”

Supreme Court Stops Lenis Inauguration

Most of the comments lambasted Vice President Leni Robredo for pushing through with her inauguration despite the Supreme Court’s ‘order,’ with one even saying that “she should be arrested for resisting SC order.” There are also comments expressing their love for the Supreme Court if they indeed made this order.

There was one Facebook user, though, who commented, “Anong ordered by the Supreme Court? Diyan galit na galit si Pres Digong e, sa mga dagdag bawas na mga balita!”

And if you indeed click through to the article, you might find a familiar article if you have read Philippine Daily Inquirer’s article entitled, “Stop Leni inauguration, SC asked.”

As what one commenter has said, the content is not related to the article headline.


MLou Mercado said:

“The content was not associated to its head news title. We are all for a change and let’s begin it here… no lies but only truth and honest simulcast and NO to paid story made to webcast…”

The first paragraphs of both articles are a dead giveaway.

“Losing vice presidential candidate and ex-senator Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr. filed an electoral protest Wednesday with the Supreme Court (SC), asking it to stop the inauguration of Leni Robredo as the country’s new deputy leader.”

If you compare both the Inquirer news article and the blog, they are totally the same up to the last paragraph. The news is about Senator Ferdinand Marcos filing an electoral protest against Robredo, which the newly inaugurated vice president welcomed.

Georgina Hernandez, Robredo’s spokesperson, said, “We will be able to answer to allegations leveled against us.”

But the blog’s title was totally all misleading, probably made to pull in readers who only read the title, not the content. To clarify things, there was no order from the Supreme Court to stop Robredo from taking her oath, which she already did at 9 in the morning of June 30.


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