Netizen to DOH spokesman: Do you support sedation for human rights activists?

Twitter user AltAsecMargauxUson hit Department of Health spokesman Dr. Eric Tayag for retweeting news about President Rodrigo Duterte saying that human rights activists should be given valium.
Posting a screenshot of Tayag’s Twitter page and retweet, the alternate Twitter page bearing Uson’s name expressed its disappointment over the DOH spokesman’s action.

The Twitter user also wondered if Tayag agreed with the idea of sedating human rights activists.

“Doc @erictayagSays did you find this funny enough for you to retweet? I wouldn’t have an issue of it if you were not a physician and an Undersecretary of Health at that,” the netizen tweeted.

“Do you support the sedation of human rights activists?” it added.

AltAsecMargauxUson also slammed Tayag for his “irresponsible statement.”

“Dr. @erictayagSays I wish you have thought of the medico-ethical implications retweeting such irresponsible statement coming from the President,” said the page.

“You are taught how appropriately prescribe medicine, tell us, is the President’s diagnosis & prescription correct?” it asked.

President Rodrigo Duterte said on December 6 that human rights advocates, specifying those who criticize his war against drugs, should be given Valium to calm them down.

“Itong mga human rights [advocates], bilihan mo lang na ng medisina na pang-kalma – Valium.. Painumin mo lang. Patulugin mo lang yang mga yawa na yan. Yan naman ang ano na yan. When the monkey rides on their back, gaganun lang, kasi naghahanap na. Pag walang pera yan, maghahanap talaga ng pera yan, because they will not be at ease… That’s the characterization of an addict,” Duterte remarked during a speech in front of new presidential appointees taking their oath at Malacañang’s Heroes Hall.


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