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Superficial Gazette urges people and FB pages in DCW’s ‘Wall of Shame’ to be more cautious but not be silenced

Superficial Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines (SGRP) warned the private individuals and Facebook pages that are included in the list monitored by a group of “hackers” supporting Duterte, known as “Duterte Cyber Warriors (DCW),” to secure their accounts against cyber threats.


SGRP also provided a version of DCW’s list of potential cyber tokhang targets, called “Wall of Shame,” that is safer and easier to access, the link of which can be found here.

As of February 3, at around 3:30 pm, the list contained more than 2,250 names and FB pages, some of which are the Superficial Gazette, Madam Claudia, Change Scamming, Silent No More, Resbak Operatives, Jim Paredes, Carlos Celdran.

Even Meme Buster was included in the list at #615 after receiving three reports.

DCW Wall of Shame

For SGRP, the list should be viewed as a compilation of “names of pages and people that are worth following.”


Their advice for those who found their name in DCW’s Wall of Shame?

“Secure your accounts, change your passwords, and maybe your username. But do not be silenced – for you to stop opposing this government’s crimes is exactly what they want,” SGRP wrote.

One commenter noted how coming up with the list seemed like how the Nazis identified their “enemies” then and rounded them up.

DCW Wall of Shame

Another person on the list just laughed it off, feeling flattered he was in the list of people who are also “fighting for truth.”

DCW Wall of Shame

Someone also commented on how this action is a “subtle way of suppressing freedom of expression” of the opposition.

DCW Wall of Shame

Earlier, Superficial Gazette also posted a screenshot of how DCW posted the link of the Facebook profile of a certain individual while urging their followers to conduct a “cyber tokhang” on that person and gather the address of the target’s known relatives and friends.

In December last year, SGRP wrote about how Madam Claudia, a page critical of the Duterte administration, was removed from Facebook after being mass-reported. Despite not violating any of the FB community’s standards, the FB moderators still removed the page, leading SGRP to conclude that some of FB Philippines’ administrators may have been biased.

This is also the reason why Superficial Gazette hit the Duterte’s supporters’ “#defendFREEspeech” campaign because other supporters were also targeting Duterte’s critics with cyber tokhang, as initiated by Mr. Riyoh and Duterte Cyber Warriors, public shaming, and other kinds of attacks.

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