Rappler social media producer tells Thinking Pinoy to research first before talking: ‘Rappler does issue errata’

Rappler social media producer Paige Occeñola fact-checked Duterte supporter and blogger Rey Joseph Nieto, a.k.a. Thinking Pinoy when he shaded Rappler for not issuing errata.
“Fact check: Rappler does issue errata. In fact, we have a corrections page which has ALL of our corrections. We’re very transparent about our mistakes,” Occeñola tweeted on November 16.

“I would ask you to do your research before talking but you’re not really known for that, are you?” she added.

Occeñola’s tweet came after Nieto issued an erratum over his graphic with a misquoted statement attributed to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. At the end of his clarification, Nieto said, “With that said, I implore the Manila Times to issue an erratum for the misquotation. I know you guys can do it because you are not Rappler.”

Some Twitter users reacted to Occeñola’s fact-checking.

Columnist Manuel L. Quezon III reacted with this GIF and other Twitter users did the same thing with other GIFs.

If you do Google “Rappler erratum,” you’ll find several web results bearing “Corrections: (month and year – Rappler.”

We clicked on the corrections made on August 2017 and found some errata made on Rappler reports such as the “CA rejects Taguiwalo as DSWD chief,” wherein Rappler apologized for mistakenly posting a draft of their story about President Rodrigo Duterte appointing Nikki Prieto-Teodoro as the next DSWD chief; “Kiyomi Watanabe nabs her 3-peat title in SEA Games judo; Nakano bags bronze,” wherein “Shugen Nagano” was corrected to reflect the real player’s real name, “Shugen Nakano” and more corrections.

These errata compilations organized by month only proved that Occeñola was right in twitting Nieto, who implied that Rappler does not issue corrections.

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