PNP clarifies Supt. Marcos was placed on back-on-duty status, not reinstated

Superintendent Marvin Marcos was not reinstated but put on back-to-duty status after his case was downgraded from murder to homicide, according to the Philippine National Police on July 18.

“Just to clarify po, si Superintendent Marvin Marcos ay back-to-duty status because of the lifting of his leave of absence. This is due to the downgrade of case from murder to homicide. Hindi po siya reinstated. Siya po ay back on-duty status. That’s why as his status, CIDG reassigned him to CIDG 12. ‘Yan po ‘yung background niyan,” PNP spokesperson Chief Superintendent Dionardo Carlos said on GMA’s Unang Balita.
Marcos was one of the 19 cops charged with murder due to the death of Albuera, Leyte Mayor Rolando Espinosa in his jail cell in November, but the Department of Justice downgraded the charges to homicide, allowing them to post bail.

The police official was even tapped to lead the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group-SOCCKSARGEN despite the criminal charges filed against him over the death of Espinosa and another detainee.

After posting bail, Marcos and the other cops’ leave of absence status was lifted, putting them on back-to-duty status.

“He was initially charged for the crime of murder. He was issued a warrant of arrest and then committed to a detention facility. At that status, the PNP based on our procedure, he was automatically placed on leave of absence,” Carlos said.

“However, because of the downgrading murder to homicide, giving him the opportunity to post bail and have a temporary liberty, it caused us to automatically lift the leave of absence and put him back into duty status. He is still charged criminally for the crime of homicide in a criminal court and their group will therefore appear before the court and defend themselves,” he added.

Marcos’ return to active duty has earned the criticism of some lawmakers, including former PNP chief and now Senator Ping Lacson, who described the whole situation “p*tang i*a.”

Carlos underlined that the PNP was only following standard protocol, respecting the implicated cop’s right to due process.
“We are following a standard procedure giving due process to this policeman charged for various offenses and therefore the procedure is through the investigation of Internal Affairs. And the decision was based on the affidavit, counter-affidavit and other evidences presented before the investigative body and it is not the opinion, commentary or other findings are not presented before that body,” he said.

Carlos also said that the procedure has not reached Duterte’s office as it only involved the Internal Affairs and PNP chief Director General Ronald dela Rosa.

“Following the procedure hindi pa po umaabot sa commander-in-chief. And the Internal Affairs and the chief PNP based their decision on the findings of the investigation. Doon po ‘yun, hindi po doon…it has not reached the commander-in-chief at this point,” Carlos said in response to questions whether the President has overstepped the line when he said he wanted Marcos reinstated.

“At the end of the day, it has not reached the level of the commander-in-chief and the decision and the findings is based on what was presented before the proceedings,” Carlos added.

Internal Affairs submitted a decision to suspend, demote Marcos’ group, but the decision is still on motion for reconsideration.

“Internal Affairs submitted a decision for suspension, demotion against their group. This decision is now on motion for reconsideration (MR) and appeal by their group. That is why the implementation of the sanction is still on hold. Once the MR or the appeal is resolved, the implementation will push through,” Carlos said.

Carlos said the court hearing on the criminal charges filed against Marcos and the other cops have not started.

“Hindi pa po sila humaharap sa kasong kriminal. Ibig sabihin wala pang court hearing. Hintayin ho natin because ‘yan po ‘yung binibigay natin sa kanila. They have the right in due process para hindi tayo ma-technical,” he said.

According to the latest reports, Marcos started working as the officer-in-charge of the CIDG-SOCCKSARGEN on July 17.

More reactions 

Columnist and historian Manuel L. Quezon III, in reaction to Marcos’ back-to-duty status, recalled how 30 years ago, the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos reinstated General Fabian Ver as his Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

@BoomBuencamino had this theory that President Duterte made his latest rape joke to distract the Filipinos from Marcos’ ‘reinstatement.’

The former dean of the University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication Luis Teodoro said that there was a practice of double standard as Marcos was presumed innocent while the victims of drug war were not.

CNN Philippines tweeted a clip of Senator Juan Miguel “Migz” Zubiri said many senators were frustrated over Marcos being back on active duty, adding that dela Rosa’s tears during the Senate hearing they conducted over Espinosa’s slay were in vain.

As what one netizen sarcastically said, referring to then Senator and now Foreign Affairs Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano’s words, that the Philippines is indeed safe but for ‘accused killer-cops.’

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