Marcos’ hero’s burial robbed ML victims, justifies that it is OK to rob, steal, kill – Lacierda 

While Marcos supporters rejoiced over the Supreme Court’s decision to allow the remains of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos to be buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani, others felt the exact opposite. And both sides expressed their joys or sorrows on social media.

One of those who took to Facebook to air out his disappointment in the SC’s decision is PNoy’s former presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda. He deemed the decision as something that robbed the Martial Law victims of justice and moral victory that they deserve and made it seem like it is alright for the young Filipinos “to rob, steal and kill the country blind.”

In his Facebook post, Lacierda took into account what were used as reasons to make Marcos eligible for a hero’s burial at the Libingan:

“Granted that FERDINAND MARCOS fought bravely as a young soldier in World War II;

Granted that all the medals FERDINAND MARCOS won as a soldier were all meritoriously earned despite subsequent verification that some accounts of his heroism were faricated;

Granted that FERDINAND MARCOS was never convicted of a crime and was only civilly sanctioned;

Granted that there is no direct law that prohibited the burial of FERDINAND MARCOS in the Libingan Ng Mga Bayani.”


However, he inserted a “BUT” before narrating all the things that should have been considered as reasons that made him undeserving to be buried at the Libingan – Marcos stealing the country’s money; sinking the Philippine economy; killing over 3,000 Filipinos; evading conviction by his exile in Hawaii and by the court ruling preventing him from returning to the country; and being forced out of office by the EDSA People Power.

“Grant also the fact that his heroism was eviscerated by ruling this country with an iron, fascist hand;

Grant also the fact that he robbed, stole, pillaged the country blind, sinking our economy and our country in debt;

Grant also the fact that from the second best performing Asian country after Japan, we ended being dubbed the Sick Man of Asia;

Grant also the fact it was in FERDINAND MARCOS’ presidency that for the first time, salvaging or Extrajudicial Killings became fashionable, more than 3,000 dead, one that the Great Eagle Father has emulated and recently surpassed;

Grant also that while there is no direct law that prohibited the burial in the Libingan, there was the Human Rights Compensation Act that acknowledged the excesses of the brutal Marcos years;

Grant also the fact that the reason why FERDINAND MARCOS was not convicted of a crime was because under the procedural laws which you are fully aware of, the court must acquire jurisdiction over the person and of course, how could we acquire jurisdiction when he was in Hawaii and you ruled that he cannot be allowed to return to this country;

Grant also the fact that the people rose in revolt against him in 1986 because we were sick and tired of all the lies, all the brutality, all the corruption that we suffered during his presidency and that his removal was recognized by the international family of nations;

Grant also the fact that given the absence of a direct law, you were aware that given all these facts, you could have ruled on EQUITY and recognized his role in the dumbing down of our country.”


Lacierda hit the SC for its “very limited view” by granting Marcos a hero’s burial.

“And so, from a very limited view, you decided and granted his burial and in the process, robbed from those who died and suffered under his dictatorship the justice and moral victory they richly deserved and justified to the future generations that it is ok to rob, steal and kill the country blind,” he said.

As if to drive his point home, he portrayed just how the Jews would react if Germany would honor Adolf Hitler, who killed six million Jews.


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