Busted: Magka-partido, magkatabi, magkaholding hands? Here’s why we think Pangilinan, Hontiveros were not holding hands

The article with the headline “Panoorin: Magka-partido, magkatabi at higit sa lahat naka holding hands?” has accumulated hundreds of shares on Facebook. It was shared by Facebook pages including “Duterte Sa Masa,” “Duterte Loyalist,” and “Diehard Duterte Supporters,” among others.



But the link leads you to a website containing a 10-minute YouTube video of a news report about the viral photo of Senators Francis Pangilinan and Risa Hontiveros showing them allegedly holding hands.

However, we already busted this photo on May 4. The first page that we spotted posting the photo was “Showbiz Government.” It was later picked up by a certain Eric Mabini, who reportedly reacted to the photo by saying “If the picture is real, was not edited, not fictitious, not a hoax. Then, these individuals on the picture are the most bastards-hypocrite entities in the history of Philippine politics these days.”

That’s the problem. He wasn’t even sure whether the photo was edited or real. You can learn more about why we think Showbiz Government was malicious in sharing the photo in our bust, “Busted: Pro-Duterte FB page creates ‘chismis’ by accusing Pangilinan, Hontiveros of holding hands while walking’ when they’re not.

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