Busted: LP met to plot Duterte ouster after Robredo’s HUDCC resignation? Site used misleading title

Has the Liberal Party started making plans to oust President Rodrigo Duterte? This is what fake news sites wanted people to think after insinuating, with a misleading headline, that the political party met to plot against Duterte.

With a shocking title, “Shocking news: Liberal Party nagpulong para pabagsakin si Pangulong Duterte! Must watch,” it is clear that the article was meant to fuel the bashing against the previous ruling party.

The article was picked up by websites,, and, among others. It was also shared by Duterte and Marcos pages on Facebook, including “President Duterte Supporters Worldwide,” “Marcos Warriors,” and “Kilusang Bagong Lipunan.”

 LP Plot Duterte Ouster
 LP Plot Duterte Ouster

 LP Plot Duterte Ouster

But when you read the articles, you will see that its content said that LP President Kiko Pangilinan denies claims that his party is planning on taking Duterte down. Still, this did not change the eye-catching title of their article, which drew hundreds of readers in.

The text content is short, but the article also contains a YouTube video of GMA’s News to Go anchor Howie Severino interviewing Pangilinan about what they were meeting about on December 11 after Vice President Leni Robredo announced her resignation as the chairwoman of HUDCC.

The interview started off with Severino asking about what LP’s role now in the Duterte administration, considering Robredo’s resignation. Pangilinan responded, saying that their December 11 meeting was a culmination of several meetings they had starting December 5, when Robredo officially tendered her resignation. The senator said they had three meetings with the members of the Senate, two meetings with the members of Congress, and on December 12 as well.


“We are in the process of consulting at pinag-aaralan, ano ba ang magiging susunod na mga hakbang ng partido,” Pangilinan said.

He added that the party discussed the LP’s direction, about whether they need to serve as an “out and out” opposition or continue with what they are currently doing, opposing certain matters such as the extrajudicial killings, death penalty, and Marcos burial, lowering of age of criminal liability.

Asked about Robredo’s statement on serving as the unifying voice of the opposition, Pangilinan reiterated what the Vice President said – that she will oppose the things that the Duterte admin will do that she thinks are not good for the country and laud those that will help the Filipinos.

Pangilinan said that the party is going to strengthen LP’s position, as well as that of Robredo, against matters that they need to “call upon” Duterte’s administration. He also said that what is clear now is that they are going to express their opposition on an issue-to-issue basis, adding that they are not going to act as the opposition for the sake of being the opposition.

As to the issue that LP wants to oust Duterte, Pangilinan responded (at mark 6:57):

“Kasi may mga nagsasabi gusto naming pabagsakin. Ayaw naming maging matagumpay ang administrasyong Duterte kaya tutol kami nang tutol (sa war on drugs). Hindi ho. Hindi ibig sabihin dahil tumututol eh therefore gusto naming patalsikin ang administrasyon o si President Duterte. Hindi ho. Nasa demokrasya ho tayo, kahit ang… Lahat ng Presidente nagkakamali. Walang taong perpektong presidente.”


Senator Pangilinan also urged Filipinos to stop with the name calling, especially the “tards,” favoring instead calling everyone mards or pards. He reasoned that the election has long ended.

Throughout the whole interview, Pangilinan denied planning to oust Duterte. What he clarified though is that LP will continue to make a stand against issues that they think are not good for the Filipino people, such as the EJK, death penalty, the lowering of the age of criminal liability, and Marcos’ burial.

But newstrendph wanted something that will get everyone’s attention, especially the attention of LP’s bashers, and they succeeded in that aspect, using their misleading title.

 LP Plot Duterte Ouster

You can watch the video of Pangilinan’s interview here:


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