Busted: Russia offers their most advanced anti-terrorism tool to PH? It’s a MISLEADING title!

Duterte fan pages on Facebook proudly shared the “good news” about how Russian President Vladimir Putin said that his country is ready to offer the most advanced anti-terrorism tool in the world to the Philippines.

Russia Anti Terrorism Tool to PH
Russia Anti Terrorism Tool to PH

We checked the article, seeing as how serious the story’s claim is, especially after seeing as how many Filipino netizens were also taking it seriously.

Russia Anti Terrorism Tool to PH

A website called carried the story, but when we clicked on it, we found its source to be another website called This also led us to another source,, although we can no longer find the specific article about Putin and his country’s anti-terrorism tool.


When we read the article, it merely discussed how Putin said that Russia’s most advanced weaponry and hardware to fight terrorism is ready for foreign customers.

He was even quoted saying during the meeting of the Commission for Russia’s Military-Technical Cooperation with Foreign States: “We are prepared to offer our customers the most advanced anti-terrorist means, including combat planes, air defense systems, multiple-launch rocket systems and armored vehicles.”

We tried to find out more about this statement by verifying it on Google and guess what? We found another article with exactly the same content as those found on the websites being shared by the Duterte pages.

Russia Anti Terrorism Tool to PH

The article actually turned out to be copied from, the website of Russian government-funded TV network RT.


However, this RT article has a completely different title from those articles shared by Duterte Facebook pages as it says “Putin: Russia ready to offer world most advanced anti-terrorist weapons.” There was absolutely no mention of his country offering it to the Philippines, the same way that the Philippines was not mentioned in the content of the news story.

Russia Anti Terrorism Tool to PH

Basically, those websites claiming that Russia is offering its anti-terrorism tool to the Philippines instead of to foreign customers in general, as what Putin said, just duped their readers by putting a misleading title on a plagiarized article. Those advanced tools will likely only be available to the Philippines if we can afford to pay for them.


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