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Busted: Netizens point out photo used in Laguna Lake Highway write-up is that of Netherlands dike

Radio station Radyo Agila’s website published a story about the second phase of the Laguna Lake Highway being opened to the public on October 28. But what caught the netizens’ attention, aside from the story itself, was the thumbnail that was used in the story.
Veteran newscaster Jay Sonza shared the story on his Facebook page on November 1, showing the misleading thumbnail that is actually featuring a dyke in the Netherlands.

However, ABS-CBN deputy editor Jojo Malig made the correction on Twitter about the thumbnail, noting how the photo even showed the Netherlands flag.

“The Netherlands flag in the lower left photo is a dead giveaway. Please change the story thumbnail,” Malig tweeted on November 3.

Malig also found a June 2014 story that carried the same photo of a dyke in the Netherlands and pointed out how the photo had a caption informing the readers that “similar dykes are used (sic) the Netherlands.”

He further encouraged people to do a “reverse image search” if they doubt the image or its caption.

Another Twitter user, @rupertnotholmes, also wanted netizens to focus more on the Netherlands flag.

Even the netizens who commented on Sonza’s post, which has been shared over 1,200 shares, reacted to 3,800 times, pointed out the misleading thumbnail and called him out for sharing the story with such thumbnail.

Sonza later commented on his own post, noting that he would ask the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) to use the latest picture of the highway.

“I will ask dpwh to post their latest picture on the project if your saying that this doesn’t look like it. what is important is the project is in existence. hindi siya ghost project gaya ng nagdaang mga panahon,” Sonza wrote.


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