Duterte says killing in drug war is not good policy: We do not enjoy killing our own kind

President Rodrigo Duterte himself said that his bloody campaign against illegal drugs was “not a good policy,” noting that Filipinos do not like killing their fellowmen.
However, the President said that there are still four million addicts in the country, against which he will have to continue his campaign to solve the drug problem.

“We do not enjoy killing our own kind. It is not a good policy, but we are besieged, I said, with something that is very terrible. China is already suffering from it,” Duterte said during his speech at the Kapampangan Food Festival in Clark, Pampanga on December 7.

“But four million is four million addicts. 42 percent of the total barangay are contaminated with shabu,” he added. “There are 9,000 policemen. I don’t know if I have to kill them in the shabu business and also shabu addicts.”

He mentioned the killing of Albuera, Leyte Mayor Rolando Espinosa Jr., an alleged drug lord, inside his jail cell and said that he may or may not have ordered the killing.

“And the Albuera mayor, they say that I ordered the killing. Maybe yes, maybe no,” Duterte said.

And he has a warning for other public officials who are using their office in their drug business.

“But if you do that, if you use the public office as a platform of drugs, to drag my country and you are an elected public official and there is no election in your city because you just simply kill and even your own policemen. Then sometimes I would say maybe it’s high time that you go,” he further said.
“I ordered their killing? Maybe yes, maybe no. Do not go into a guessing game, for you might guess it right and I would be sorry for it,” he added.

Thousands have been killed in the drug war, causing concerns from other countries and international human rights organizations.

“That’s what I do not like about foreigners f****** this country. Leave us alone and we will solve the problem,” he said.

While everyone is looking for a solution that is acceptable to all, Duterte said he will “not allow [his] country to go to the dogs.”

“Think about that and I said, if there’s a way that we can solve this problem, to the acceptance of all, fine, I will do it. I will walk not only the extra mile, I will walk for one day to find it,” the President said.

“But in the meantime, I said, “I will not allow my country to go the dogs.” And I will not allow, that’s… that’s the reason why. That’s why they think I committed a crime,” he added.

Duterte swore to fight illegal drugs “to the last man,” regardless of what his critics say and amid threats of being held accountable before the International Court of Justice.

“Itong drugs, give me a little bit of time. I will finish it to the last man. I do not care what other people say. I do not give a s*** what the International Court of Justice…” he said.

“For at the end of the day, if my country collapses under the weight of drugs, you will not be here to help the Filipino,” he added.

“Kaya huwag ninyo akong b*** s****** ‘yang… Pag nagka-l****-l**** ang bayan ko, mabuti pa na — mabuti’t naman maka-asa kami sa inyo,” Duterte continued.

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