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Busted: Hontiveros told students Joma Sison will live and die a true hero? It’s satirical news!



Senator Risa Hontiveros allegedly hailed Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) founder Joma Sison as a ‘true hero,’ according to at least two blogs.

Blogs and carried and published the story on July 23 with the title, “Hontiveros to Students: Prof. Joma Sison Live, and Will Die a True Hero.” The story has been shared over 8,200 times, as of writing.


The source of the story turned out to be Pinoy Observer, which has shared several fake stories that we’ve busted before. According to the website, Hontiveros told 350 senior high school students at the University of the Philippines on July 21 that the younger generation should put the highest value on human rights. She once again hit the killings under the Duterte administration, defended the New People’s Army, and criticized Duterte for claiming that Sison has colon cancer.

“Our biggest concern is the health of our president and not the health of Professor Sison. The country is under Pres. Duterte’s hands. His health is a big deal, while Prof. Sison lives, and will die a true hero,” Hontiveros allegedly said.

But no matter how much we checked whether Hontiveros commented on Duterte revealing Sison’s alleged health condition, we could not find any other report carrying that statement. She did call Sison a hero or defended the CPP founder against Duterte’s claim during his second SONA on July 24.

What she actually said was that Duterte was talking about the “same old material” during his SONA.

“All sound and fury. Lacking in achievements for the bold promises he made,” she said in a statement.

We also checked the other direct quotes in Pinoy Observer’s article, but we could not find them in any other reports as well, which points to them being made up.

We read the new About Us page of Pinoy Observer and found out that they now have two disclaimers – “the not so serious one” and “the serious one.” In their serious disclaimer, they claimed to be a satirical blog that use “50% facts and 50% satire,” mixing fact and fiction in their articles.

Since we could not verify the statements that Hontiveros allegedly said about the NPAs and Sison, they are likely made up by Pinoy Observer for this satirical article.

The photo they used of Hontiveros in her purple dress had a misleading caption as it claimed to be taken at “UP laboratory School.”

However, the photo was actually taken during the Women Defend Democracy Forum on March 8 at Miriam College in Quezon City, based on this photo published by GMA Network. During the forum, she talked about how the Senate passed the120-Day Expanded Maternity Leave Bill.


Before declaring itself as a satirical blog, Pinoy Observer published fake articles, such as those claiming that BBC anchor Stephen Sackur suggested to Filipinos to elect more intelligent senators, Oxford law professor claiming Duterte cannot be prosecuted by the ICC because of his high approval ratings, and the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines telling Bulacan massacre kin to forgive and forget.

Hontiveros did not call Sison a hero or criticize Duterte for claiming that Sison has colon cancer. The story was published by a website that is now claiming to be a satirical blog.

Unfortunately, many netizens seemed to have taken the story seriously and bashed Hontiveros for it.

Even the former Undersecretary for Special Concerns Abraham “Abe” Purugganan during the Arroyo administration fell for the satirical news when he shared it on Facebook.

Commenters on Purugganan’s post definitely did not hold back in slamming the senator.



Busted: Robredo wants to add years to the K-to-12 program? It’s fake news!



Vice President Leni Robredo’s office released a statement debunking social media posts claiming that she wants to add a few more years to the K-to-12 program. This came after several posts started circulating about how Robredo allegedly said that she wanted to add a few more years to the K-to-12 program, angering netizens.

A certain tweet on March 1, 2020 showed the vice president’s photo along with these words: “Kulang ang K to 12 education system natin. Kelangan apat na taon sa Junior HS at apat na taon sa Senior HS.”

In January 17, the same image shared to the Facebook page “Raffy Tulfo In Action Supporters” also got shared over 6,000 times and triggered negative comments among the netizens.

Many social media users have lambasted Robredo over the said meme.

The unwarranted bashing and adverse reactions prompted her office to release an official statement debunking this false claim.

“Hindi totoong pinadadagdagan ni VP Leni Robredo ang mga taon sa K-to-12 program,” said the vice president’s office in a statement.

“Suportado ng Bise Presidente kung sakaling magkaroon ng review ng nasabing programa. Binibigyang-diin niya na kailangang siguraduhin na may tamang facilities at equipment ang mga specialized tracks, para mas maging madali ang pagtuturo nito at matiyak ang kahandaang makapagtrabaho ng mga mag-aaral sa kanilang pagtatapos,” it added.

In October 2019, Robredo did say that she was alright with reviewing how the K-to-12 program to determine how it could be further improved.

“Tumutugon rin ang kaniyang Tanggapan, kasama ang #AngatBuhay partners nito, sa pangangailangan ng tamang kagamitan. Nakapagbigay na ng kaukulang tools at equipment sa mga mahihirap na paaralan, gaya sa Mulanay sa Quezon, Panglao sa Bohol, at Sta. Maria sa Romblon,” the statement further said.

This is not the first time Robredo has been a victim of fake news. There were false claims, misleading headlines, and edited images or captions about how former Senator Bongbong Marcos has already won over Robredo, how she met former UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon to oust President Rodrigo Duterte, or how her portrait was sold on eBay, something that a popular blogger apologized for.

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Busted: Walang kasalanan ang Tulfo brothers ayon sa imbestigasyon? It’s a misleading headline!



An article has claimed that an investigation has found the Tulfo brothers to be not guilty. It says, “Lumabas Sa Imbestigasyon Na Walang Kasalanan Ang Tulfo Brothers,” as published by the website

The story was even shared by Facebook pages “Ferdinand Emmanual Edralin Marcos” and “Rody Duterte MEDIA.”

However, the article merely contained a 10-minute YouTube video, which was a mix several video clips of different reports, some parts of which touched on the issues involving the P60 million tourism ads that aired on the PTV program of Teo’s brothers, the Tulfos.

One of the video clips showed that the CNN Philippines reported on why nepotism is considered corruption and abused of authority in the case of now-resigned Tourism Secretary Wanda and how her husband, Roberto Teo, served as the board member of the Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA). But Roberto was appointed by former President Benigno Aquino III and has tendered his resignation from TIEZA effective June 30, 2018.


Another video clip showing a CNN Philippines report of a Malacañang press briefing, where a reporter asked Presidential Spokesperon Harry Roque if Communications Secretary Martin Andanar would be among those investigated in the controversial placement of P60 million worth of tourism ads on the program of the Tulfos, who are Teo’s brothers, leading people to raise the issue of conflict of interest. As the PCOO chief, he also supervises the state-run PTV-4, where the Tulfos’ programs are a blocktimer.

Asked by yet another reporter what President Rodrigo Duterte’s comment was on the issue with the DOT and the Tulfos, Roque said that he did not know then because he had not talked to the President for a while and the investigation conducted by the Office of the President was ongoing then.

The headline used in the video is misleading. It meant to make people think that the Tulfo brothers have been cleared from the issue involving them with the controversial P60-million tourism ad deal.

However, reports showed that even after Teo resigned from her post on May 7, the Ombudsman will still continue with the probe into the scandal. The body requested from the Commission on Audit (COA) a copy of its DOT report involving the controversial P60-million worth of payments for ads aired on PTV on May 8. The investigation is still ongoing, which meant that they it has not yet cleared the Tulfos.

Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea is also said to be investigating the scandal to determine the officials at fault at the DOT, People’s Television Network Inc. (PTNI), and the PCOO.

Ramon Tulfo, an Inquirer columnist, came out in the defense of his sister Teo and blamed  his younger brother Ben Tulfo for the controversy.

Party-list group Akbayan, however, said it was not enough for Teo to step down from her post. They wanted her to be prosecuted.

“The simple firing or resignation of corrupt officials will not put a stop to corruption in the government if this is not followed by swift prosecution and conviction,” the group said in a statement.

Akbayan also challenged President Duterte to file cases against Ben and Erwin Tulfo over the controversial ad transaction. Ben owns Bitag Media, which produced the PTV show “Kilos Pronto,” the program where the DOT ads were aired. His brother, Erwin, co-hosts the show with him.

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Busted: Legarda sinumbatan si Robredo na mag-resign bago pa lumabas ang resulta na panalo si Marcos? Misleading headline!



Senator Loren Legarda allegedly confronted Vice President Leni Robredo and asked her to resign before the results would show former Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. as the winner.

The video was posted by blog on May 15, 2018. The vice presidential vote recount is still ongoing, so the headline must have been referring to the result of the recount. It also made it seem as though Legarda is telling Robredo that she is certain that Marcos would emerge as the winner in the recount.

The YouTube video is 20-minute long and Legarda’s face was immediately shown at the beginning of the video. However, if you finish watching it, you’d know immediately that the video was not taken recently. In fact, it showed a portion of the budget hearing for 2017 for the Office of the Vice President. Further research showed that the hearing was conducted in front of the Senate panel on August 22, 2017 and it lasted less than an hour before it was approved. Robredo herself attended the budget hearing to present an overview of the OVP’s plans for 2018.

Legarda served as the Senate panel’s chair.

During the hearing, Robredo reported how the OVP spent its funds, mainly for poverty alleviation.


The Philippine Daily Inquirer reported that following the presentation on the fund allocation of the OVP, Legarda asked Robredo to send them a yearlong report on the needs of the sectors and areas that the OVP has reached while promising to help out on fulfilling those needs.

So unlike what the headline claimed, Legarda did not tell Robredo to resign from her VP post to make way for Marcos’ imminent victory. The headline is misleading and is merely playing with people’s emotions and gullibility.

However, Facebook page “Sara Duterte Worldwide Supporters” still shared it without verifying the headline’s claims.

There have been several fake stories involving Marcos and Robredo and the VP vote recount that we have busted. We debunked a misleading headline claiming that Marcos has already won, that Marcos won by 1,786 votes over Robredo, that Robredo would perform her tasks as VP until Marcos takes over, and that Marcos will replace Robredo.

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