Netizens keep track of Duterte’s cussing during SONA 2017

President Rodrigo Duterte cussed during his second State of the Nation Address (SONA) on July 24 and some netizens paid close attention to how many times he cussed and what those words are.
Twitter user @iamcirej monitored those words and the number of times they were mentioned during Duterte’s SONA. He tweeted how “p*tang i*a” was mentioned five times, how “son of a b*tch” was heard twice and how words like “g*go,” “sh*t,” “ny*ta,” “tarantado,” and “gunggong” were included in his over two-hour long speech.

@indiohistorian noted how it was the first time the word “g*go” was mentioned in a SONA.

“G*go” has been uttered for the first time in SONA, the first in presidential history,” he tweeted.

But Twitter user @ohphoelle defended Duterte’s use of cuss words in his speech.

“People are counting how many “p*tangi*a” PDU30 said when they don’t even bother to count the things he has done for this country #SONA2017,” she tweeted.

But President Duterte, despite his promise not to curse when he’d win the presidency, usually makes speeches with a dash of curse words to express himself and emphasize a certain topic.
In their June 27 article, Rappler wrote a report compiling Duterte’s favorite words during his speeches.

According to Rappler, Duterte has delivered at least 302 prepared and extemporaneous speeches, messages, statements, and comments as of June 27. They wrote that they used the transcripts at the President Communications Operations Office and Radio Television Malacañang (RTVM) and watched the videos on RTVM’s YouTube account. They even transcribed nine of Duterte’s speeches which were not transcribed by other the PCOO or RTVM. Rappler also counted the number of speeches during each month starting June 2016 and the number of words during each speech, with the longest one being 11,186 words during the 35th anniversary of PDP-Laban, his political party, in March 2017. His first SONA in July 2016 ranked second with 9.429 words.

Rappler ranked the top 365 words Duterte used in his speeches during his first year in office, excluding common Filipino and English words, such as “I, the, and na.”

Duterte’s top word was “time,” which he mentioned 1,860 times. He used it when telling anecdotes, making promises, invoking God’s name, and making assertions. The other words in the top 10 list include the following:

  • Country – 1,538 mentions
  • Mayor – 1,515 mentions
  • Davao – 1,329 mentions
  • President – 1,267 mentions
  • People – 1,128 mentions
  • Pulis – 1,127 mentions
  • Philippines – 1,044 mentions
  • Government – 1,037 mentions
  • Mindanao – 1,013 mentions

Rappler also summarized Duterte’s favorite curse words during his speeches, counting the variations in their usage and spelling to count the number of times they were used. They include the following:

  1. P*tang i*a/P*ta/T*ang-ina/Tang (son of a wh*re) – used 248 times when spelled in full; used 741 times with asterisks
  2. Gago (idiot) – used 72 times spelled in full; used 143 times with asterisks
  3. Yawa/Yawang (devil) – used 95 times spelled in full; used 32 times with asterisks
  4. Sh*t/Bullsh*t – used 41 times spelled in full; used 66 times with asterisks
  5. Son of a wh*re/Son of a b*tch – used 28 times spelled in full; used 43 times with asterisks
  6. F*ck – used 10 times spelled in full; used 45 times with asterisks

The parody page Superficial Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines even developed a graph of Duterte’s most used expletives during his public speeches.

Vera Files also posted an infogram collecting the people at whom some of Duterte’s expletives and insults are directed at. These include Pope Francis, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, the Catholic Church, CHR chairman Chito Gascon, the media, former US Ambassador to the Philippines Philip Goldberg, the United Nations, Senator Leila de Lima, and more.

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