Busted: High profile rapist hired De Lima as lawyer? Story is a hoax!

A certain Luwalhati Payas Malan shared an article about how a high profile rapist hired Senator Leila de Lima as his defense lawyer to the Facebook page “Duterte Daily News.”

Malan even captioned the post with “Grabe na ang nagyayari sa Pilipinas, lahat na lang ata ng kriminal gustong magpatulong kay Senadora De Lima…”

Rapist Hired De Lima as Lawyer

This was also shared by Facebook page “President Duterte News,” with a caption guaranteeing that De Lima will help the suspect.


“Siguradong tutulungan ka nga ni De Lima kasi siya ang tagapagtanggol ng mga Kriminal at mga DrugLord. Kahit walang bayad tutulungan ka niya para lang hindi ka Makulong at Mas lalo pang ganahan gumawa ng Masama! Basahin niyo to at Paki Share na din po sa iba pra malaman nila,” the page’s caption read.

Rapist Hired De Lima as Lawyer

While the article was published by, it was actually sourced from

According to the article, a man identified as Nitro Izon was arrested for robbing five female passengers and raping one of them. He was also linked to the death of the widow of the late reggae singer Papadom Gamboa.


Most of the article on is actually a mere copy of the GMA News report “Arrested ‘taxi driver’ who robbed, raped passengers linked to killing of Papadom’s widow” published on April 15, 2016.

However, the last four paragraphs on the article were completely made up by the website.

These last few paragraphs said that Izon is not a mere taxi driver but a son of a wealthy taxi operator with over 300 taxis. His father, Theodoro Izon Sr., allegedly hired De Lima as his son’s defense lawyer. also claimed that De Lima said she needs money to fund her legal defense, especially in those cases involving the Bilibid drug trade that the Department of Justice is going to file.

The elder Izon was said to have come to De Lima for help after being rejected by other lawyers nd have feared that his son might be in danger because of the possible reinstatement of the death penalty.

Rapist Hired De Lima as Lawyer

However, this claim by about the suspect’s father hiring De Lima is not true. As the website’s About page has said, it “may publish some fiction to entertain our readers” in very rare cases. These false claims about De Lima being hired as a defense lawyer may easily be fiction since we could not find other reports supporting such claims.

Rapist Hired De Lima as Lawyer

Moreover, when De Lima was in private practice, she focused on election law. In fact, Senate President Koko Pimentel and Senator Alan Peter Cayetano were among her most notable clients, whose cases she won.

Sources: (,,

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