Fil-Am widow Loida Lewis denies plotting Duterte’s ouster

In his speech during the Integrated Bar of the Philippines regional convention, President Rodrigo Duterte had given out specifics regarding the figures who are behind the rumored ouster attempts.

Although no name dropping had occurred, the description had fit Loida Nicolas-Lewis to a tee. The Filipina widow had been married to billionaire businessman Reginald Lewis until his death in 1993. Loida is the sister of Imelda Nicolas, who was the head of the commission on overseas Filipinos during former President Benigno Aquino III’s administration.

Billionaire George Soros was also identified by Duterte as a financier of attempts in pinning him down for gross human rights violations.


President Duterte has accused the two of “Western persuasion” and leading the destabilization talks in contradiction of his administration.

Duterte voiced out during his speech, “If they do not want me, I will make it easy for them. And if the military or the police think that I do not… no need for coup d’état. You are wasting your bullet. Go to Malacañang, we’ll have coffee and I myself will swear you in to run this Republic and solve the problem. No problem.”

The president claims that the Filipino-American has been “planning for two months already” through “mass demonstrations” next year to oust him from office.

Duterte also called out the military and human rights advocates into constructing a plan that will be able to solve the problem on drugs and insurgency in Mindanao. The president states, “So, if you think that you can help, tell me and I will appoint you to a group of advisers with a rank of Cabinet (member), and I will follow your instructions to a tee… to all of you who dislike me.”

He adds that there is no need for any coup because he is willing to give up the presidency who can solve the country’s problems on drugs, criminality and corruption.

On the other hand, Loida Nicolas-Lewis denies the conspiracy allegations stating that these are “complete fabrication and totally false” and that she is denying these claims “in the strongest possible terms”. She further clarifies that she had asked the incoming US ambassador to the Philippines “to provide help for the President’s anti-drug campaign through programs for the rehabilitation of drug addicts.” She also raised her concern about the extra judicial killings in the country.


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