Busted: Fake news on Robredo’s pregnancy and abortion continue to spread

Fake news site, The T1mes, is at it again as they release an article on Vice President Leni Robredo’s alleged abortion of her three-month-old pregnancy.

Fake Robredos Pregnancy and Abortion

According to the article, Robredo aborted her three-month-old pregnancy due to criticisms.

Talks from the Vice President’s inner circles apparently let out that the criticisms were too much to bear for Robredo, most particularly when President Rodrigo Duterte publicly asked her about the matter, said the article.

Furious, the congressman who was said to be the father of Robredo’s unborn child, spoke to New York Times reporters that the Vice President called him Monday evening to hint of her plan to abort if the criticisms continue to circulate. He was quoted, “She called on Monday to tell me that she was to abort if the criticism continues, I said NO but she hanged off the call and immediately blacklisted my number, I cannot reach her now.”


The article emphasized how the pregnancy news of VP Robredo became the talk of the town due to 70% of Filipinos posting her photos on social media.

Different sites containing the same article continue to circulate over the web despite VP Robredo’s straightforward denial in her interview with Philippine Star, as she called the rumors “laughable.”

However, Robredo noted that even if the false news of her pregnancy was funny, she also finds that “it is an insult to all women.”

In her dismissal of these rumors, she told reporters, “We all know that this is not true and has no basis.”


As a matter of fact, this is our second time to bust an article talking about the Vice President’s alleged abortion because misinformed netizens keep on spreading these accusations that are baseless and unfounded.

Once again, it is important to quote Robredo’s spokesperson, Georgina Hernandez’ words: “We have complete trust in the Filipino’s ability to discern fact from fiction, and steer clear of false news. Websites that masquerade as news sources have been fabricating these rumors, which are then spread by troll armies.”

This fake news from thet1mes is actually an exact copy of the fake article from that we also busted, “Busted: Robredo had an abortion? Fake news site is making things up again.”

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