Busted: Duterte supporters share edited Pen Medina photo supposedly asking VP Leni to resign

Vice President Leni Robredo submitted her resignation letter as HUDCC chair, addressing President Rodrigo Duterte, to the Office of the Executive Secretary on Monday, December 5. But it seemed like her bashers are not happy with that resignation alone. In fact, they used edited photos to express their call for Robredo’s resignation as vice president.


A certain Victoria Flordeliza shared several photos of protesters holding signs asking Robredo to resign as VP to the Duterte fan page “DDS/Diehard Duterte Supporters.”

Edited Pen Medina Photo

But among the five photos she shared, it’s actor Pen Medina’s photo that got the most number of shares, over 700, as of writing.

Edited Pen Medina Photo

And it seemed that people believed the sign the actor was holding was genuine.

Edited Pen Medina Photo
Edited Pen Medina Photo[/50_50_second]Edited Pen Medina Photo

However, Facebook page Mochang Tanga Blog, debunked that photo by posting the original Pen Medina photo side by side with the edited one.

Edited Pen Medina Photo

Medina was actually holding a sign imitating a Tinder match between the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos and President Rodrigo Duterte. The actor participated in a rally against the burial of the dictator.

The sign said, “It’s a match! Made in HELL! Ang Tinde!”

Edited Pen Medina Photo

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