Duterte says every 72-year-old is sick; Andanar clarifies Duterte is ‘stronger than a carabao’

At the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) regional convention held in Manila Hotel, during his speech on Friday night, President Rodrigo Duterte had spoken about his health condition.

“At this point in time, I am 72. Don’t ask me if I’m sick. Every 72-year old in this world is sick,” the President clarifies as some people are questioning his mental stability after joking about how God told him to stop cursing.

Duterte once again complained in front of the country’s lawyers about the hardships of his job being the Chief Executive of the country and how this tires him out to the point of being willing to give up the position to anyone who can prove that he is better fit for the position.


“If this is the kind of job you are giving me, I could only endure so much; I think I deserve a needed rest.”

He further adds, “If you want to remove me, fine; then I’ll just go to the forest. I have a hunting lodge there. I will spend my days there praying.”

Prior to being elected, Duterte has admitted to suffering from Buerger’s disease, Barrett’s esophagus, a respiratory infection and a slipped disc from an earlier accident, none of which are fatal.

Despite his admittance of his medical issues, however, Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar had asserted on Sunday that the President is “in the pink of health.”

Andanar stated, “Malacañang (assures) the public that President Duterte is fit and healthy to perform his job as the Chief Executive.” He adds, “President Duterte is not complaining of anything about his physical and mental condition.”

In his statement on the state-run radio station DZRB, Andanar had expressed how President Duterte was “stronger than a carabao” while taking note of how he was able to handle his hectic schedule in spite of his age.

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