Duterte not puzzled by Espinosa’s death, inclined to believe CIDG’s story behind jail raid

President Rodrigo Duterte maintains that he is going to stick with the version of the police, wherein Albuera Mayor Rolando Espinosa Sr. engaged the police in gunplay, despite the apprehensions of lawmakers and other sectors.

In his press briefing at the airport before his departure for Malaysia, the President said, “You have here a guy, government employee, using his office and money of government, cooking shabu and destroying the lives of so many millions of Filipinos. So, what is there for me to say about it? Why should I be puzzled (by the circumstances of his death)?”


Twenty operatives of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group, 13 coming from CIDG Region 8, and eight Maritime Police are currently under restrictive custody due to their involvement in Espinosa’s shooting.

Several probes were launched on the death of Espinosa who was accused to be a narco-politician by the President.

President Duterte stated, “I will obey what police will tell me kasi kasama kami sa gobyerno. I will not go there to find fault with the police. I did not even agree that they should be transferred. At least not now kasi kung ganun wala nang pulis magtrabaho.”

The spearhead of Thursday’s (November 10) inquiry is Senator Ping Lacson, who is the chairman of the Senate committee on public order and dangerous drugs and suspicious of the policemen’s actions.


Lacson intends to discover who the judge was that issued the search warrant to the CIDG as well as satisfy his curiosity as to why the police sought a warrant from a regional trial court judge in Basey, Northern Samar and not in Leyte.

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court had ordered an investigation on the controversial warrant issued by the court and Lacson disclosed that he has inquired regarding the possible liability of the judge who issued the warrant to the CIDG.

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