Duterte gives credit to US, China for helping PH in Marawi conflict

President Rodrigo Duterte acknowledged the help given by the United States and China in the country’s fight against the Maute Group in Marawi City.

“Let us give [credit] where credit is due. The United States helped the Armed Forces in this fight,” Duterte said during his speech in front of Fil-Am tourists at the 11th Ambassadors’ Tour Philippine reception in Davao City on July 14.
He noted China delivering firearms and ammunitions last June.

“And China committed and delivered a lot of firearms for us,” Duterte said.

Duterte also said that Russia also talked about providing assistance to the Philippines.

“I don’t know about Russia but [President Vladimir] Putin, sabi niya tutulong siya,” he said.

Duterte added that neither Russia nor China asked for something in return.

“Walang attachment diyan. Walang head of state, si Putin o si President Xi Jinping magsabi, ‘O, bigyan kita but you should be loyal,’” he said.
The President added that while the Philippines reached out to other allies, the country would observe the 1951 Mutual Defense Treaty between the Philippines and the US.

“Welcome ko lahat ‘yan. Now, do not make the mistake of, you know, putting something on my behavior, I like talking to people. You have to make friends, and there is a need for you to acquire the kind of firearms at nandiyan sila,” he said.

“‘If you have this…’ ‘Yes, we can help you.” Ganon lang. So, meron tayong RP-US Military Pact, that was in 1950. Nandiyan pa ‘yan. So I cannot enter into military alliances with other nations because I would be violating the US-RP agreement,” the President added.

Both China and the US pledged to contribute to Marawi City’s rehabilitation process.

Earlier, American troops were spotted near the area of the conflict, but the Armed Forces of the Philippines clarified that the troops were merely giving the Filipino soldiers technical support. President Duterte denied asking the Americans for help in resolving the Marawi crisis, but the US embassy spokesperson said that the Philippine government requested for assistance.

Duterte slammed former US President Barack Obama for criticizing his war on drugs.

“Obama talked publicly about me, and how I run this country. Sabi ko sa kanya, these are my exact words, ‘para wala kayong—‘p***** i** ka, l— ka. Do not tell me what to do, and do not just—you know—giving me admonition. I am not a federal postal employee, so if you want something, go to the United Nations, miyembro man kaya tayo. Then, you can talk there until kingdom come and file a case against me,’” he said.

“Tapos pumunta ako sa China. Pagkatapos last year, man of the year ako, ‘t— ina. Simple. If I have committed a wrong before your eyes, your estimation, that is your problem. I have my problems to solve,” Duterte added.

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