Busted: de Lima banned from entering US due to drug allegations? Fake news alert!

Several Facebook pages have been sharing an article about a certain “Laila” de Lima being banned from entering the US over drug allegations against her. In fact, the shared on a fan page for Davao City Mayor and First Daughter Sara Duterte-Carpio has been shared over 700 Lima Banned Entering US

A Facebook fan page dedicated to President Rodrigo Duterte also shared the same article and received over 500 Lima Banned Entering US

De Lima has been banned from the US by US President-elect Donald Trump, claims the article. It based its claims on “CNN reports.” The article further added that de Lima is just one of the leaders that Trump has banned from America, according to Deputy Chief of Mission at US Embassy in Manila, Michael S. Klecheski. Klecheski said that the ban stems from the fact that the US does not want to receive criminal suspects.

The article even quoted Klecheski: “The world is becoming a smaller place for people who have problems related to corruption.”


It also quoted him saying: “One of the things that we have been calling for is international cooperation, so to that extent I think it is a laudable move. These kind of measures do make it easier for countries to deal with grand corruption and drugs-trafficking by making it have personal consequences for individuals who are involved in it.”

A ban on de Lima’s visa has been imposed starting this week since the article was published on November 21.

But the fact alone that the article was published by the fake news site makes all these claims suspicious enough. The writer could not even get the spelling of the senator’s first name right.


And no, Trump is not yet in power for him to order the banning of de Lima and other US leaders from entering the US.

Those quotes from Klecheski? They are all made up, too.

It also seems like thet1mes has grown fond of using de Lima, Trump, and even Queen Elizabeth II in their latest fake Lima Banned Entering US

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