Twitter users made fun of lawyer claiming Comelec chair’s wife has a ‘third eye’

Twitter users had a field day over a tweet about how the lawyer of the Comelec chairman’s wife claimed her client has a “third eye” so she knows what her husband is up to.

ABS-CBN News tweeted the controversial bit on August 7, citing that it was lawyer Lorna Kapunan who revealed such piece of information about her client, Patricia Bautista, the wife of Comelec chairman Andres Bautista.

“Kapunan said the wife of chairman Bautista has a “third eye” so she can see what he has been doing,” said the tweet.

In another tweet on the same thread, ABS-CBN posted that Kapunan further claimed that Patricia can see ghosts.

The Twitter users reacted, with some doubting the lawyer’s credibility for revealing said piece of information.

Another one wanted the lawyer to stick to the issue.

“The hell we care w/ her superficial abilities. Please stick with stuff that concerns government money. Some wives even have four ears,” @NJayMaldito tweeted.

One laughed off the claim and whether it would be believed in court.

Yet another Twitter user doubted the claim, adding that if the wife truly had a third eye, how come she didn’t know about her husband’s property in the US?

Education advocate Gang Badoy Capati said: “Game over. Space invaded.”

Capati further added: “I am of the belief that if u had EVEN JUST a pair of eyes, u’d know that- “I saw things he did with my third eye” is inadmissible in court.”


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