Twitter users react to Uson’s cartoon post implying that Duterte signing free tuition proved he’s not a dictator

Communications Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson posted a cartoon showing President Rodrigo Duterte awarding the free tuition for state colleges law that he signed to protesters, referring to the state university students who kept protesting and calling him ‘dictator’ and ‘Marcos puppet.’

The cartoon also came with a caption: “PRRD: Diktador pala ha, eto sa inyo!”

Based on the comments on her Facebook post of the same cartoon, her fellow Duterte supporters understood what she was trying to say and agreed with her.

Some of them hit the University of the Philippine students, who would be among those who will enjoy the free college tuition law signed by President Duterte.

However, there were Twitter users who objected to what Uson was trying to say through the cartoon she posted.

Twitter user @gabrant001 said that without the protesters, the lawmakers and the president would not have been able to come up with such a law.

Another one, @jaicabajar, told her: “Mocha naman, yung edukasyon karapatan ng lahat yan, hindi yan pabor ni duterte. At hindi nun binubura ang pagiging diktador niya. Utak pls.”

@parkjohn revised the cartoon a bit, this time, it’s hitting Uson.

@bincastro19 emphasized that the money that will be spent on the free tuition would be taxpayers’ money anyway.

Another Twitter user noted: “ang free tuition na yan hindi yan solo effort ni Duterte at di porket ni-approve nya ang free tuition ay excused na ang moral bankruptcy nya.”

Uson was also hit for her tweet implying that the budget for the free college tuition would come from President Duterte. Netizens reminded her that the budget would come from the taxpayers’ money, the same money used to pay for her salary.

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